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Help Logos not working after last nights update


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My logos are not working after last nights privacy update. 

Is anyone else experiencing this? Any work around?

Deleted cache 3x but no change and no longer a reload skin button?

Kind regards


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7 minutes ago, SSolas said:

That after the update?

I'm not even sure there's been an update. But if there was, then mine update automatically and the logos are still working fine.

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Just looked and I'm still on 9.2.1 with no update available on Amazon store. Sam are you on 9.2.2 like the image above shows?

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Out of interest, where did you get your logos from? I got mine from Vibe and I’ve just updated the app and everything is still in place 😁😁

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6 minutes ago, SSolas said:

Fm scout - megapack which is same kind of thing. Plus the Skin Reload cache is now gone on mine? Im sooo confused

Download ours as they are mobile specific unlike Fm Scouts but are based on the ones they have over on scout.

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I found that the file which contains logos and other graphic documents had been changed.

Formerly, you downloaded the logos pack and unzipped it at:

Internal Storage/Documents/Sports Interactive/graphics/logos

but now you would find that the file containing logos was at:

Internal Storage/Android/data/com.sigames.fmm2018/files/installed/graphics/pictures/logos

What's more, the pngs we used before was named by numbers like 1000.png or 1651561.png

now the new logos documents were categrozied by nations and named by  the teams' names like aston villa.png

I think that's the reason why you couldn't use the former logos pack in this new upgrade.

I've played this game for several months and uninstalled it. Today I downloaded it and found the same problem. So if you want to play as before, there must be latest logos pack, I'm afraid. I don't know why Sega change the initial file location and even change the method they use to categorize the logos(you find it useless to unzip the logos pack at the newest location).

Now guess we just have to wait some game gurus to produce new logos pack.

hope that I explained clearly. 

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I guess that those players whose logos pack works fine was because their logos location was not changed compulsorily or maybe they haven't updated yet.

I tried to install a former apk and found it doesn't work, still it would install at the new location.

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