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Help Cant Buy the Game


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hello guys, im having difficulty to buy the game. i already loaded my paymaya account but google wants any government issued ID.

problem is im a student and i  dont have any government issued IDs. do you know any alternatives? im desperate to buy the game. 


i already emailed google twice, no response since yesterday. 

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Bro, just gotta check, are you on a prepaid or postpaid mobile phone account?

You could link your phone SIM to your Google Play account and pay for the game via that way if it helps =)

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5 hours ago, Truman_ said:


You got a reply 8 months ago and you've only just responded. You can't want to play it that badly... 😁

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haha the sale ended last july that's why i gave up on it. But recently saw its on sale again and a bit much cheaper so.. figured the issue would be fixed by now. sadly its not.


linking my phone sim also doesnt work lol. 

guess i'll just wait to be in legal age to get a govt ID.



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