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Chat FMdB and the ways it could/should be improved

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I recently downloaded the database and I have found it to be nearly useless. If you’re in The first couple of seasons I could see where there would be some uses but so far I don’t see much other than being able to look up players I had in previous years games and seeing where they are and if they still have the same abilities. It also seems that it’s almost singularly for the desktop version. 

I’m sure there’s some simple reason why it’s not possible but I would love to have something that would allow me to port in the information from my game so that I can use it for my saves that have gone on 5-20 years.

We have all this information hat has been crowdsourced about projected costs. Yet, there is none of that on display. We get a projection of overall skill and where the players abilities are when you start a new game. Overall, I just want more. I would gladly pay for this information. He complaints on the App Store about it being empty and an excuse to give up more money aren’t unfounded. I just think we should be given more if we will be asked to pay. 

Has anyone else tried it? What are your thoughts? I hope SI will be giving it updates often and will consider some of the things I’ve mentioned.

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