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Fun/Games Vibe World Cup: Final Results

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Welcome one and all to the Vibe World Cup!

This will be a competition of firsts. The first time the Vibe World Cup has been held, the first team competition of this scale on Vibe and my first time hosting a Vibe tournament. I’m really excited to be hosting this tournament and I hope that whether you are competing or a spectator you will enjoy and be entertained by the format and challenges I have come up with for

The Teams

Before I run you through the format this tournament will take I will first introduce you to the competitors and teams. Each team has been seeded either 1,2 or 3 for the group draw based on the Vibe rankings.


2000px-Flag_of_Benelux_svg.thumb.png.ee658f8ac6e933d37002fd3e94dcfa86.pngBenelux (1) 

Our first team are representing a region instead of one nation to avoid any arguments over whether they should be the Netherlands or Belgium. If you don’t know, Benelux is the region which covers the Flemish speaking part of Belgium as well as The Netherlands and Luxembourg. This team will be one of the pre tournament favourites as we have current Vibe No 1, Vibe Premier League champion and former Vibe Olympics winner @PriZe making up the Dutch half. His partner will be the Flemish Peter Crouch @Titjes. He has brought us some excellent careers this year and despite difficult times in the VPL and Vibe Olympics he knows his way around FMM and with some guidance from his teammate I’m sure will post some good scores in this.


Flag_of_the_Wales.PNG.8df3217a477b962ed3d1ea13217a552b.PNGWales (1)

 I think we will struggle to find a team with more fire in their bellies at the prospect of representing there nation than this Welsh team and they will be a title favourite as they are the team with the 2 highest ranked players. We have both north and south Wales represented in this team with the south covered by former Vibe Olympic Champion @Taff. Taff is always there or thereabouts in these competitions and has managed to complete 3 1kc attempts in one save this year. @Nucleus comes from the north of Wales and has been a career machine this year with countless excellent scores posted on the Vibe leaderboards and is currently tackling the daunting Augusta national challenge and looks like he will post a monster score in that.


800px-Flag_of_England_svg.png.9b62c37ad48d4abd18633e5a42eb7f08.pngEngland (2) 

England gave the world football and then have spent most of the rest of the time being taught by the rest of the world how to play it. England will be represented by @Woody and @Rob2017. They will be looking to invoke the spirit of ‘66 during this campaign and see if they can bring home the trophy. Both these guys had excellent results in this years Vibe Olympics with Rob winning the gold in his first ever Vibe event and Woody confounding the bookies by taking the silver. This is a team to keep an eye on for sure.


1280px-Flag_of_Australia_svg.thumb.png.326109b8d39b9215996a90feb9dc33a6.pngAustralia (2)

 Despite being more famous for cricket and Rugby Australia has produced some excellent footballers in recent decades. Australia has only once got past the group stage in a world cup so these lads will be hoping they can make that twice in this tournament. Our two Aussies will be @Real_Random who is always a fierce competitor despite struggling at times during the VPL and he is currently in the top 10 of the Vibe rankings. @RipRip is a newer member of our community but he definitely came to all our attention with some good scores in this years Olympics despite going out in the semi’s. This team will be classed as one of the outsiders for the title but you write of Aussies at your peril in any competition.


 Image result for singapore flagSingapore (3)

 The final team will be representing the Island nation of Singapore and will be hoping to write a new history for a country which has never competed at a World Cup finals before. This team will be the dark horses of the tournament as we have @chewkaiwen and @salohcin representing them. Chewkaiwan has competed in the last couple of Olympics and made the final on both occasions he won the bronze last Autumn but missed out on a medal last month. Salochin has been away from Vibe for a little while whilst he represented his country in another way but has recently returned with a new career.

Brazil_flag_300.png.6d0f3a09c65f73d0361f4611cdcc68f5.pngBrazil (3)

 You can’t have a football World Cup without the most successful nation ever taking part in my opinion. With FMM not being sold in Brazil we don’t have an abundance of active Brazilian members but I did manage to find 2 lads in @ManLikeRobbieBrady and @Cockers2505 who know there way around a Brazilian and once the embassy sent them there new Brazilian passports they were good to go. We have seen some good careers from these guys this year but neither have a pedigree when it comes to community tournaments so they will be outsiders to take the title but they will be determined to upset those odds.   


The Format

Now you have meet the teams how is this all going to work? It will be a three week competition and will work like this.

Week 1 - Group Stage: The six teams will be split into 2 groups of 3 before you take on the first challenge but unlike the real life World Cup there is no second chances at this stage. The team with the lowest score in each group will be eliminated.

Week 2 - Semi Finals: The position you finish in your group will determine who you take on next with the 2 group winners taking on the 2nd place team from the other group.

Week 3 - Final/3rd place match: This week we will crown our champion as well as who finishes 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

All the challenges will last a season with both teammates playing the same challenge but with a different team to ensure some variety and to stop both team mates doing the same thing. You will all have been assigned a number when I contacted you earlier in the week either number 1 or number 2 and that number will decide which team you manage in each challenge. Once I have both teammates scores I will add them together and that will be the teams score.

These are your numbers and they won’t change during the competition.

1: @PriZe, @Taff, @Woody, @Real_Random, @salohcin, @ManLikeRobbieBrady

2: @Titjes, @Nucleus, @Rob2017, @RipRip, @chewkaiwen, @Cockers2505


The Golden Mobile Award

The real life World Cup has the golden boot for the top scorer and you guys will also have the chance to win the coveted Golden Mobile award. The individual who scores the most points in all the challenges combined will be awarded with this picture of a gold motorola from circa 2004 and the honour of being the competitions MVP.


The group draw and the first challenge will be revealed tomorrow.

Let the mind games begin.

Cheers lads.

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17 minutes ago, ManLikeRobbieBrady said:

I guess Brazil does have that Irish connection 😂

Though Brazil was scottish!?

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15 minutes ago, Taff said:

All I can say to all the other teams is better put on your factor 5000 coz it’s going to get hot on the Welsh side


Wales better watch out for James McClinho

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8 minutes ago, Taff said:

Great intro @Foxy

All I can say to all the other teams is better put on your factor 5000 coz it’s going to get hot on the Welsh side


Amser cino nawr @Nucleus 

Mighty words you be speaking there my Welsh friend.....

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It’s time to get the VWC underway with your first challenge but first we need to see which teams are in which groups. The draw was seeded based on the Vibe rankings with the teams split into three pots. In pot 1 was Benelux and Wales, pot 2 was Australia and England and pot 3 had Brazil and Singapore. I simply wrote down each team name on a piece of paper and used 3 tea cups as pots. This was the results.


We straight away see Wales taking on England in Group A with both these rival nations hoping to knock the other out in this first stage but also potentially meaning they could meet in the final as well. Singapore will hope that they can separate the local rivals and get themselves into the semi finals. 

In Group B I think Benelux will be clear favourites to win the group but then it is anyone's guess between Australia and Brazil for the final qualifying spot. Remember the bottom team in each group will be going home after this first week.


Week 1 Challenge

This weeks challenge is going to be based around goals and lots of them in one match. Legendery Argentine striker Gabriel Batistuta is the only player in World Cup history to score a hat trick in consecutive World Cup’s having done so against Greece in USA ‘94 and then four years later at France’98 he repeated the feat against Jamaica.

Image result for batistuta world cup hattrick

A less well known name has the record for the most goals in one World Cup match. That honour goes to Russian striker Oleg Solenko who put 5 past Cameroon in a 6-1 Russian victory back at USA ‘94. Those 5 goals plus one more he got helped him jointly win the Golden Boot along with Bulgarian striker Hristo Stoichkov.

 Related image

So your challenge is to emulate these goal scoring feats by scoring as many hat tricks as you can in a season with your chosen striker. As I mentioned in the OP both members of each team will play the challenge as a different team and striker.

Team 1 - Fiorentina with an Argentine striker.

 @PriZe , @Taff, @Woody@Real_Random, @ManLikeRobbieBrady and @salohcin you will take over as Fiorentina in Italy and the club that Batistuta is most famous for playing for and you must buy an Argentine striker to score the hat tricks.

Team 2 - Valencia with an Russian striker.

 Solenko was a journeyman and spent time playing in Ukraine, Portugal, Scotland, Turkey and Spain. He signed for Valencia following his exploits at the ‘94 World Cup. @Titjes, @Nucleus, @Rob2017, @RipRip, @chewkaiwen and @Cockers2505 you need to take over Valencia and sign a Russian striker.


Points Scoring

  • 1 point for every goal scored by your chosen striker that is part of a hat trick or more of goals E.g. 4 goals in one game for your striker scores you 4 points. No other goals count towards points.
  • League points.
  • 2 pts for every round of the cup you get past.

In the event of a tiebreak I will total up the league GD of all teams members and the team with the highest wins.



  • Make sure you manage the correct team. Team member 1 is Fiorentina, Team member 2 is Valencia. If you manage the wrong team you will score zero.
  • Make sure you buy the right nationality of striker. Team member 1 Argentine striker, team member 2 Russian striker. If you sign the wrong nationality you will score zero.
  • The striker must be bought and cannot already be at the club.
  • Winter update DB.
  • Transfers are allowed.
  • Play the whole season.
  • No editors including PGE, IGE, HEX or text changes.
  • No unlockables.
  • Own tactics but you may confer with your teammate.
  • If asked you must provide the save file failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  • Please do not let your teammate down by not submitting a score. This is a team event and even if you don't think your score is any good it may be enough combined with your team mates score to see your team through.
  • Have fun.


Screenshots required

  • Every game that your striker scores 3 or more goals.
  • Every cup match you play.
  • League table
  • Strikers attributes at the end of the season.
  • Strikers history at the end of the season.
  • Manager profile.
  • Manager history.
  • Transfers page.
  • Squad stats sorted by apperances.


DEADLINE: 5 pm UK time Friday 13th July.

 Hope that is all clear but just ask if you have a questions

 Cheers lads


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Great stuff Foxy....

@Rob2017 lets make our great country proud dude and get those 3 Lions roaring.


Edited by Woody
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11 minutes ago, Woody said:

Great stuff Foxy....

@Rob2017 lets make our great country proud dude and get those 3 Lions roaring.


I would normally agree, but in this instance the welsh are rather good 😭

Cracking challenge @Foxy. Two questions, when you refer to Cup to you mean just domestic? And where database to use? 

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4 minutes ago, Rob2017 said:

I would normally agree, but in this instance the welsh are rather good 😭

Cracking challenge @Foxy. Two questions, when you refer to Cup to you mean just domestic? And where database to use? 

Neither team are in Europe so yep just domestic cup.

Winter update DB. I will add that to the rules thanks for reminding me.

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44 minutes ago, Nucleus said:

Great challenge Foxy! Time to dust off my old 1k tactic 😝

I think a rule should be that a new tactic should be implemented and old ones be banned 😭

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