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Tactics Tactics EME 4-3-1-2

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Hi all, I stumbled across this tactic accidentaly but it seems to work wonders for me. Give it a try and let me know how you get on. If you have any improvements please let me know 😃


Screenshot_20180708-222038_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180708-222032_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180708-222027_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180708-222014_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180708-221806_FMM 2018.jpg

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Hi Damilare, my advanced forward did very well. I struggled to get goals with him prior to this. I think training regime helps. Always keep tactics and motivation intensive on all regimes. 

Screenshot_20180708-221942_FMM 2018.jpg

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Do you have a suggestion for a better duo up front in terms of roles, maybe two advanced forwards, or one defensive forward? Never sure what combo to use!

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After another FMM22 season has imploded I went on 2019 for a bit then while looking back through threads, came across this.

I'm now taking it back even further back to installing 2018 and this tactic. When things wer simpler and fun!

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