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Career Scratch Tries: Andrea Pinamonti 1KC [Season11]

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Italy beat Wales? Lies!!!

19 hours ago, scratch99 said:

Won the Premier League again, but still only 107 goals. @Nucleus is scoring 162 league goals in his save!

Currently on 100 goals after 20 games in the league in my current season 😅

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Update - Season 11/12 - Calendar Year

Pinamonti's calendar year record (so far) is 101 goals in Season 10/11. Can he beat it this time around?


Club Goals

Pinamonti starts the year with 47 club goals:


Then gets another 35 in the first half of the year (82-47), followed by 52 in the second half of the year:


Making it a total of 87 club goals.


ITN Goals

He starts with 134 goals:


And finishes the year with 162 goals:


Making it a total of 28 ITN goals this year.


Total For The Year

Club Goals 87
ITN Goals 28
TOTAL: 115

That's Pinamonti's best calendar year yet. It would put him on top of the leaderboard right now, but I happen know that @Nucleus is sitting on a higher score (117). So Pinamonti is going to have to up his game next year!

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