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Help First ever vibe career/challenge! Suggestions?

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Greetings vibe community!

After a couple of years making the switch to handheld, I think my managerial talents are just about ready for display here. (Not that I expect to be making the leaderboard any time soon, y'all are still way beyond my level.) I'll be kicking off my contribution to this forum with a classic vibe challenge for my final fmm18 career. I'm thinking I might just have time for a 1k attempt but I was hoping to get some advice on the easiest players/countries for a first attempt! Also, if anyone has a shorter challenge that might be slightly less daunting, or recommendations for a first timer on how best to post a career, I'd love to hear any and all ideas of what people might enjoy following! 

Thanks in advance!

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Good luck with which ever challenge you choose. I think the best way is to pick something that you like the look of and feel you can commit to or that you could use a favourite player to try and complete.

If you try the 1kc then this guide from @PriZe should help.

If you want to do something else then we have loads of challenges on the challenge index to choose from some only last one season and others much much longer


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Look forward to reading whatever you decide to go for. if you’re still unsure on a player for a 1k challenge then there’s plenty to choose from our Wonderkids list, all the best


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The 1K challenge is a big commitment to a single player, so I'd suggest you put some time into choosing who to go with. Personally, I prefer to pick relatively little know players, rather than well-known wonderkids, but you're taking a gamble that they'll actually develop into a great player.

I'd suggest looking for a young, natural striker with decent physical stats (stamina and pace of at least 10 are essential, in my opinion) and okay ratings for shooting, technique and movement (aerial is also a big bonus). What I've done in the past is started a career at a decent club, bought a bunch of potential candidates, put them on intensive training and then holidayed for several months. That way you can get some idea for how they might develop, albeit they're unlikely to be getting much game time.

Once you think you've found the right player, play for a few seasons before you start posting the career on here. Even if the player looks great at the start they may turn out to be made of extra-thin glass or have a dreadful personality and you don't want to have to keep on abandoning your Vibe careers a few seasons in.

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6 hours ago, Rob2017 said:

Try the Bad Boys of Brazil challenge

Cool, I'll check it out. I also like the look of the pepcity challenge for a quick one season affair

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