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Challenges The Scoring With Pensioners Challenge


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Scoring With Pensioners




I thought it might be time to resurrect this challenge for FMM2018.

In this challenge you seek to emmulate Manchester United's money-hungry pachyderm, Wayne Rooney, on a night out in Manchester...

Of course not! This is a twist on the most popular challenge on Vibe, based around my strange fascination with the more mature goal-hangers in the game.

It's the 1k Challenge, but not as you know it. Instead of picking a promising youngster and guiding them to a decuple century of goals over many years, you have to hit the 1k mark by making use of a succession of elderly strikers.


The challenge:

  • You can start at any club (not one created with "My Club", though).
  • In the first season you need to select a striker who is at least 34 years old and get them to score as many goals as possible.
  • At the end of the season you pack them off to the retirement home and bring in another doddery old gent, who will be your striker for the next season.
  • You continue like this until you score 1,000 goals or are forced to retire in disgrace after 30 seasons.

The rules:

  • No unlockables allowed, except those you unlock during the save.
  • You can only use your own tactics.
  • You can only use players who are 34 or over. They don't have to be natural strikers, but you have to play them as a forward.
  • In the unlikely event of there being no players available over the age of 34, you can either throw in the towel or play on until one becomes available.
  • Each striker can only be at your club for one season - no stocking up on strikers in advance or keeping them around afterwards. You can use a player who has been part of your team earlier in the save provided they have not been at your club for at least five seasons prior to their season as your "chosen one".
  • No cheating (i.e. reloading to avoid injuries, replaying matches etc.)
  • No text changes, use of the save editor or pre-editor (the licensing/competition/club name changes text is fine).
  • International goals do not count.
  • Either match engine is allowed.

With thirty seasons to work with, this should be easily achievable, but bear in mind that players tend to retire relatively early if not under human management, so the supply of good strikers may dwindle as the years go by.

The thing that appeals to me about doing the challenge in this way is that you're free to move around from club to club and league to league, without having to worry about taking a player with you or the reputation of the club you go to. As long as you can find an old enough striker each season, you could move every year, going from the depths of the National League North to the top of La Liga over the course of your career.

In the end this may be more of an endurance challenge than anything else, but hopefully the scope for variety will keep things entertaining enough to keep people going.

I completed this challenge on FMH2014 and it was hugely enjoyable, despite being a seriously long-term slog with a few very frustrating periods (*shakes his fist at Germany*). I hope some of you will give it a go.

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I'd love to see someone take it on - I really do think it's one of the most fun challenges you can do, since it's possible to complete it in any league in the game and you can move from club to club without worrying about taking a player with you. During my career I resurrected the fortunes of Hertha Berlin and took Dulwich Hamlet all the way to Premier League and European domination. You can't do that while nursing a star player to 1,000 goals.

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The only thing I will add is that signing an older player this year has turned into an absolute mission in itself, otherwise this challenge would be on my to do list.

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