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So basically I like lone striker countering attacking style and was wondering if anyone knows any formations or ways I can consistently have all my players feeding throughballs to my strikers. Please any help

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Hey there! Normally i play offensively with Poole Town, and it got me back to back promotions, but whenever i would face a big team in a cup competition or i would be losing to any team at half-time, i'd use this tactic, and it would get me back into the game, either salvaging a draw or winning it for me.


I used this beast striker, Terry Gray, that single handedly led my team to back to back promotions. He might be the reason behind my success, but with other strikers my tactic was still effective, but nowhere near as good as it was with this guy.985288455_Screenshot_20180726-1640241.thumb.jpg.b1cbdd2cb1053c33814aa31a996b465a.jpg2145429143_Screenshot_20180724-2242401.thumb.jpg.727102a0ae3bf4b69ab8292c1b76feff.jpg1844717468_Screenshot_20180727-1044311.thumb.jpg.5ea5967e91c1d84d7710ca6d1b5bccfb.jpg

Absolute monster. I hope this helps you, and if you have any more questions just reply to this. I'm on the enhanced match engine btw.

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