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Vibe Community Assistance With a Project

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Hey Vibe!

I've got a very large scale project in the works that (hopefully) you guys will find rather enjoyable. It's going to take me a good few weeks to write, check and things like that, however it won't work without your guys help. Basically, im asking you guys to do me a favour.

In short, I need you guys to PM me telling me about certain scenarios from your FMM18 experience. You can pick any of the scenarios to tell me about, even more than one if you'd like, but I will need a bit of evidence if you don't mind. Practically im going to ask you a few questions about your experience from that scenario, as your quotes may or may not make it into the final piece. It's a huge project and I really can't do it without your guys help, so I'd really appreciate if you could give me a hand with this. The project will be brought to Vibe in mid-to-late August (I know that's ages away don't worry :laugh:) and will include as many of your quotes as I can fit in, which will likely be a lot considering the project is 9 or so chapters. So, below are the scenarios, if any of them bare interesting stories I'd love to hear them, and if you could take a short amount of time to answer some questions regarding them, I would be very grateful. Thank you all for your help!

1. Success With Big Clubs ( Winning Titles, Big Money Transfers etc....)

2. Success With Smaller Clubs ( Winning Titles/Promotion)

3. Failure Stories ( Being Sacked, Failing A Challenge, Underwhelming Signing etc....)

4. Man Management Struggles ( Struggling To Adhere To Player Demands, Players Not Fitting Tactics, Training etc....)

5. Youth Stories ( Wonderkids Who Have Flopped Or Turned Out Great, Promoted Youth Players, Youth Transfer Policy etc....)

6. Loyalty ( Stories Of If You've Been Particularly Loyal Or Unloyal In Your Career, Same For Players etc....)

7. Back To Reality ( How FMM Has Effected Your Real Life, Events Or Stories etc....)

Anything else you guys could think of would be very helpful! Remember every example or story is helpful so don't hesitate to PM me. Thanks for reading!


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