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Career AssymetricSkillZ Benfica Career.

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Hey guys, I have just started a career with Benfica and the idea is to work through a few seasons with them, bring in a few wonderkids and see what we can possibly achieve with them.

I'm looking forward to starting this, keeping you up to date with how we are performing as a team and also if we can apply for a big club job such as Chelsea, Juventus or maybe even Real Madrid and Barcelona😎..




We decided to go straight into making signings of 2 young players who are seen as wonderkids in the game and with plenty of first team football could grow into great additions to any squad..


We started off with the signing of Rui Pires for £8.25M. I felt this was a great addition and will add to the squad giving the fact he will continue to grow and is only 19 years old😎.

We moved on to our next signing..


Diogo Queirós who we paid £1.6M for and is also seen as a potential wonderkid at just 18 years old. 

I felt both these players would be great additions due to the fact that Benfica have already got Rúben Dias which gives this sign a few young stars to build around in the future.


We decided to line up in the natural Benfica formation which will more than likely be messed around with and tweaked into a Asymmetrical formation once I have gotten used to the team.


I have decided to go with a Counter attacking mentality as I feel that this may suit this squad best especially in European competitions.💯


I feel that this will be a good approach to this season whilst I am mainly focused on the growth of young talented players.


This is how the team will operate defensively, and finally..


When going forward I feel that this will be the tactics that I will use😎..

I will be back once I have gathered the results of pre-season and if I am to make anymore transfers I will be keeping the community up to date.

Edit: Since posted I have decided to take on the 'Eusébio challenge' as I am Benfica and this will add a catch😎..

Since the above post I have played 3 Friendlies.. Screenshot_2018-08-06-20-45-50.thumb.png.db5766e58631df33c29b2f7759d99933.png

This was with the Counter Mentality and as seen right away we were beaten in a game that should have been won😥,  after this we decided to mix it up..


We went with the same formation but decided to us the control mentality and it paid off.

We then proceeded on to the third game..


This ended as a 1-1 draw and now that I have assessed the team, I have decided to make a few changes.

Once this game finished we got an offer for one of our stars and as we are not using any unlockables such as 'Sugar Daddy' I decided to agree to the sale..


We sold Ljubomir Fejsa to Sp*rs for £30.5M😷😷. This extra cash gave us the chance to take part in the Eusébio challenge as we had a total of around 47 million. Screenshot_2018-08-06-22-15-46.thumb.png.3520df289b5c0118e489d3e148d84b7d.png

With this Money and the exchange of our Striker Raúl Jiménez we were able to bring in a highly rated young Portuguese forward..


Welcome to the club Diogo Jota🔥🔥..

After this signing we will be capable of taking this challenge on, I will be back soon with an update💯😅👋


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Added Topic - Eusébio Challenge.
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 First of all, welcome to the community!

Secondly, good luck with this career! Maybe you can try and implement a challenge from our Challenge index into your career too, it gives you something more satisfactory to aim for 😁

All the best dude

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56 minutes ago, Nucleus said:

 First of all, welcome to the community!

Secondly, good luck with this career! Maybe you can try and implement a challenge from our Challenge index into your career too, it gives you something more satisfactory to aim for 😁

All the best dude

Could attempt the Eusébio challenge as I have chosen Benfica and have stuck to the challenge rule regulations😎

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Cool, that will make it more interesting (I think the fact that challenges give you specific goals to target makes it better to follow along as a reader). Looking forward to this one. Got some good young players there that I haven't seen before.

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