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Career Rob presents Die Roten TT


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(Credit to @Foxy for the title)

After a few months of taking part in the Olympics, World Cup, and grinding out a 1kc with Isak at Spurs, I want to do something with plenty of goals that I can just chillax and enjoy. Yep, I said chillax.

So I’m going for a Triple Threat.

My club of choice is a bit obvious considering the title:


The big boys in Germany. Easy, I know, but I want to enjoy myself.

And the players? Well, I got my 1kc with Isak so I wanted to use him.


I was quite keen (ba-dum tssshhh) for the next lad.



I have never used Moise at all. I keep thinking his name is Moist too, which makes me giggle like a schoolboy. 

The latter player I had never heard of, but was at Bayern when I arrived.  When I googled him he looked like he had a bit of a battle of clubs trying to sign him so he must have had a decent reputation.


Zirkzee (who must be the last name in any phone book?) is my third choice. He seems to have good stats, so hopefully he turns out to be a wonderkid.

Wish me luck!


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26 minutes ago, Nucleus said:

Zirkzee is the lad I used in the World Cup semi Final! (I think it was the semis) all the best Rob!

Ahhh the Fox said he remembered someone used him. How’d you find him?

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11 minutes ago, Rob2017 said:

Ahhh the Fox said he remembered someone used him. How’d you find him?

Just searched for players that fit the bill for the challenge. Wanted a young striker with good Aerial movement and shooting and iirc he was pretty cheap

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Good luck mate....Toon were linked with him last summer.

So obviously i have heard of him but never used him in fmm.

Good front 3 that..i hope its as enjoyable as you hope it will be 😆

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Season 1 is in the can. My target for the first three seasons is to just get as many goals as possible whilst they are teenagers. As ‘The Rule’ says, any goals before the age of 20 is a bonus. I’m assuming this rule can be extrapolated to a TT?

The transfer window was my usual first season level of Harry Redknapping. I wanted to clear out the slower defenders and people who didn’t have the teamwork attributes I wanted or play in the positions I needed. I didn’t sign Kranjcar or Crouch though.






The three main lads came in, as did all of our FMM faves. I learnt from the MSN/BBC Challenge that Thou Must Have Options. I have plenty.

We won the Super Cup, league and Champs League...


...whilst losing in the German Cup after a proper FMMing. But that Champs league victory was pretty cool.


But most importantly, how did Die Roten TT do?

Their end of season attributes looked ok, to a point, but they are still young lads and half their energy is spent playing Fortnite.




Isak looks the best so far, but he is the oldest. Oddly, though, Kean got the most goals:


And got best player in Europe.


which I am delighted with.

It also means we got 92 goals in season 1. I was hoping to smash past 100, so I’m a tad disappointed. They get a shedload of chances in the games so it ain’t like the tactic ain’t working, it’s just that they ain’t smashing them in yet.

92/1500 goals so far.

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That’s a lot of transfers 😳

Nice start Rob, 92 is solid enough and they’ll only get better. I’m surprised to see Isak at the bottom of the pile though!

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Very good start. Totally counts as a freebie given the The Rule. Those transfers though - I thought I was a Harry Redknapper but that puts me to shame! Great stuff. 🙂

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Season 2 finished last night whilst I had time. A squarking newborn keeps trying to wrestle away my FMM time.

On the transfer-front, I did a minor bit of Harry Redknapping, but nothing like Season 1’s epic.



Defence strengthened. Pretty sure Junior and Valverde are Kaka and Forlan’s evogens by the looks of their stats.


We did a clean sweep of the Trophies, but we are still drawing and losing the occasional match.

As for Die Roten TT, here is how they look at the end of the season:




Kean and Isak are starting to look beautiful, with Zirkzee a tiny bit behind.

As for the goals, could we beat the 92 of last year?


Just. They got 99. I’m disappointed not to smash 100 in each season so far so we shall see how this progresses. Kean was the best again. He is on 80 for the two seasons.

191/1500 goals to date.

p.s. Another best player in Europe for Kean.


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I now have Season 3 in the bag, and I have to say I’m already getting bored. I feel like my FMM mojo is waning a bit. Anyhow, the transfers:


Strengthened. Just the three in.


Kimmish behaves like a dick, so he left.

We lost the first two finals and clean swept the rest:


The boys were starting to look rather good, with Isak and Kean starting to turn in to worldies.


We got 101 goals this year.


And Isak got best in Europe, snatching the title away from Kean.


292/1500 goals so far.

As I said before, I’m feeling a bit burnt out, so I’m going to park this one for a bit and try a few of the shorter challenges, especially those that I can play Strikerless in. 

Thanks for reading!



Edited by Rob2017
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Burnout after three seasons?! Pfffttt! Amateur!


I feel your pain! 😫

Great going with those three though, nice to finally hit over a 100 I bet!

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1 hour ago, Nucleus said:

Burnout after three seasons?! Pfffttt! Amateur!

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I feel your pain! 😫

Great going with those three though, nice to finally hit over a 100 I bet!

Honestly mate: the idea right now of doing another full scoring career is draining!

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