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Career The Rise of Rubras

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Hey guys, hope you're all doing well. First time posting here. Would anyone be interested in a career with my local, portuguese 3rd division club (Pedras Rubras) in what would be a rise to the european stage? 


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I see you managed to publish this then 😂

All the best mate, no need to ask anyone for interest, Post your career as you see fit and the interest will come naturally.

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1 hour ago, AlmostEvil665 said:

Hey guys, hope you're all doing well. First time posting here. Would anyone be interested in a career with my local, portuguese 3rd division club (Pedras Rubras) in what would be a rise to the european stage? 


You can start the career and we would give you necessary support.. I wish you goodluck..

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FC Pedras Rubras. A club founded in 1941, with not that much to tell. Spending most of their time in the regional divisions, they were promoted to the 3rd division (first national division in Portugal) a few years ago. Since then, they've managed to hold on and are currently going through the best moment in their history. The youth investment has been the main thing these past seasons and you can expect to see some players who started in FCPR making it in the big leagues in the future. You can already see the likes of João Mário and Wilson Eduardo, who played for the club when they were young. This club also has a lot of meaning for me, since I play for their U18 team. Besides, my grandpa used to play here and my uncle was president for a few years. But, as the FMM noob I am, can I make them a big club in Portugal and Europe? Only time is gonna tell.




images (1).jpeg

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5 hours ago, ManLikeRobbieBrady said:

Any chance that you are a player on the game? Just curious.

No, would love to, but the team is too small to show the U19 (highest youth team) let alone any other. You get some U19 players on the PC version but only those who get called up to play for the senior squad.

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Season 1

Hi there. Sorry for taking so long, I was away on vacation so it was harder for me to play but here we are for the review of season 1.




I gotta say, the quality of the players was pretty terrible, with most of them having half a star as their current and potential ability. The transfer and wage budget was also minimal, which means my only chance would be free low-earning players and loans where I paid no salary. At least I knew that most players would be better than the ones I had. I made some signings, here are my best ones:


I had a few other loanees, but none of them really stood out.







My team and instructions

I aimed for a more direct style of play, cause I know many other sides were better. Counter-attacking and defending with a low line were my best chances of doing something. In case you didn't know, only the first place goes to the promotion play-offs.





I knew this was gonna be a tight league, where teams would drop points left and right against each other, so I was aware that I could either get first or last place. It was a 30-game league. It was full of ups and downs. We relied way too much on our target man, Baba Seck cause he was on a whole new level. Halfway into the season, the table, with not much surprise, looked like this:


Here are a couple of games that show some of our target man's influence:


The second half of the season was full of emotions. We were on a high, first place for 1 or 2 games actually, until our starman Seck got injured for 3 weeks. He missed 6 games, of which I got 1 point only. He returned for the last 2 games but it was already too late and the season ended this way:



Cup Run

Not much to show for here, as we beat amateur side Belmonte only to get eliminated on the second round by a stronger Praiense, who slashed our hopes of showing ourselves to the top flight teams, and maybe even win against one.



The only thing we can really brag about is having Baba Seck as the league's top scorer. Imagine if he hadn't missed 6 games... Will be hard to replace him next season.



What a beast!!!


Well guys, that was it for the first season hope you enjoyed. Gonna aim for promotion next season. Wish me luck!



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