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Career 5000 Goals Scored in Managerial Career Challenge


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Hi, I'm attempting to break 5000 Goals scored in the 30 year managerial career limit. I've only bought this game recently (3 weeks ago) so I'm still nowhere close to mastering it but I'll try.

I'll start with one of the EPL teams that brought in some good players in the real transfer window before the 18/19 season begins : Brighton.



I wanted to select "Stay clear of relegation" expectation because I'm still inexperienced but I think I will aim for a midtable position. Personal Target: 12th. 

If the challenge gets too easy, maybe I consider increasing it to 6000 goals, 7000 goals and so on. I have not completed the game yet. Most is with Benefica, 10 seasons in. So I'm not certain whether 5000 is too little. Overall I'm also using this challenge to transform Brighton into an undisputed best club in the world (by winning all trophies). Maybe I may pick up a manager job to add more goals to my profile.

Because Brighton's transfer budget is limited, I need help as to which value for money players I should sign. So far I think most people on this website say Arthur for centre midfield role and Lautaro Martinez for striker role are must buys. Any other players? Brighton's left back is weak from what I can see in the squad depth. Strikers are also quite old, may need to replace them.

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Its going be a tough challenge mate but i suggest you attempt the 1kc or double trouble challenge alongside with it so as to keep it interesting..

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Its going be a tough challenge mate but i suggest you attempt the 1kc or double trouble challenge alongside with it so as to keep it interesting..

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Preseason results so far. I changed tactics after the 1st Friendly because I was worried we weren't creating enough chances so I decide to be aggressive. It work, with 9 goals in the last 3 games. I hoped we would have won all considering they were Championship sides, but at least we didn't lose. Unlucky that Nottingham Forest snatched a win away from us there, we really dominated that game but they had 2 goals scored from corners.

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Nothing wrong with going big, then failing! Or maybe succeeding (not saying it's destined for failure, just it will be hard). Plenty here have set a high target and not made it, especially the first time. Who knows, maybe this is start of a brand new challenge that everyone will be doing sometime soon!

So, I'd say, keep the target for now. If later you think that's too high, you can change it. Heck, maybe you should turn this into a proper Challenge and if 5K seems too high to be a hard target (like 1K is in a 1KC), then just make it a Most Club Goals challenge. Then if you get 4,213 that goes on the leader board, etc. 

Anyway, I say go for it (whatever the target)! :D

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