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3 hours ago, samhardy said:

Challenge Cup XII - Semi Final challenge


That is indeed a Portuguese flag and a rather big one looking back at it. Therefore it doesn't take Einstein to realise that's where we're heading for this challenge!

Reserve squads are an important part of this challenge, and when narrowing it down there was only a few countries with active reserve squads and since we've already had Spain, Portugal it is this time round as 4 managers battle it out for a place in the final.

The Challenge

For the first time in this CC you'll be able to choose which team you take charge of however this team must be playing in the Portuguese leagues. After you've chosen your team:

  • You must tear the first team squad apart completely. Every player in that squad must be removed, sold, whatever and never able to play any matches.
  • After you've done this you must build a new starting XI, however only with free agents. Buy 11 free agents which makes up your new team.
  • The rest of the squad must be filled up with players from your chosen team's reserve squad. If you've picked wisely there should be a decent amount of "talent" to choose from

Bonus Points

So far goals have been the name of the game however this time round you'll have to master the art of keeping them out. 3 bonus points will come your way for every clean sheet you register in the season.

So: League points +/- Goal difference + 3 points for every clean sheet.I

Deadline - Wednesday 26th September 11:59PM BST


  • Take charge of any team in Portugal.
  • Any SI approved database.
  • No other transfers in apart from your 11 free ones. Selling players is fine.
  • No "greyed out" players allowed.
  • European games do NOT count. Domestic games only.
  • Different tie break this round - Clean sheets first followed by league points.
  • Please use an existing PM when submitting results in order to save space.

Rules and screenshots required

  Reveal hidden contents
  • To keep things equal all challenges last 1 season and will need to be played on Enhanced Match Engine (EME).
  • Each challenge comes with a deadline, and each deadline comes with no extensions. No entry -> No points.
  • Every manager must provide evidence using screenshots. As the rule above, No screenshots -> No points.
  • No unlockables and no coaching badges. If suspicions arise, you will be asked to submit your save for inspection.
  • No holidaying, a screenshot of manager profile after each challenge is required.
  • No cheating and no use of any editor at all.
  • Own tactics only.
  • Send your results via PM with both samhardy and anfieldsquirrel included in it.
  • Have fun!

Screenshots required

  • Manager profile
  • Season history screen
  • Full fixture list
  • Squad list in order of appearances
  • Transfers page


This challenge is nothing for the FMM gods left in the CC



Good luck to the only mortal left in the CC ;) 


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32 minutes ago, Rob2017 said:


Im predicting an insanely high score...but im not sure who 😉

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4 minutes ago, Woody said:

Im predicting an insanely high score...but im not sure who 😉

It better be @Foxy or he's screwed :laugh:

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Unfortunately @ManLikeRobbieBrady has had to pull out of the CC for personal issues. As I always do when this happens I inform the opponent to save them from playing the rest of the season so @Foxy is the first man into the Challenge Cup final after submitting what he had completed thus far.

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2 hours ago, Rob2017 said:

So anyone got any predictions on the other semi final? 

They both run out of time to submit and @Foxy wins the competition outright 😂

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I’ll try to submit it up as soon as I can. I apologise as I just started university and I am trying to juggle between playing this game and adjusting to uni life! 😕 

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