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Career West Ham United FC - Could the Hammers do a Leicester City?


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Good Evening All,

Choosing the Career

I was thinking the other night about a late career option and decided to Manage West Ham United FC. The team is close to my heart as my brother and mums side of the family support them. They are also a good challenge as recent years has them Yo-Yo-ing up the leagues.

Stadium & Facilities

One of the selling points of West Ham United FC is their Stadium. The club boast a brand new 57000 olympic stadium! Along with Excellent training and youth facilities, with a number of stars comming through this.


Holiday & Assistant Manager

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:


Staff,Finances and Training

Due to the club having excellent facilities I was able to spend on bringing the best coaches to east london. I bought an All-Gold backroom team who could implement my intensive training regime. The spending by the end had took us in the Red but i had to gamble for our challenging season.



My Tiki Taka tactic was again used in this save as I love how beautiful the football looks along with the great results it brings. West Ham United FC adapted extremely well starting with a good basis of solid defenders and inside forwards. This being said, there were weak areas such as WBK, CF and CDM.


The squad

The squad i inherited was weak with some very strong surprises. A flux of youth players had to be loaned out along with some ageing one's. The saddest of these was Mark Noble who came up short but like Sir Alex Ferguson said, the evidence is on the football pitch!



So, the board objective was to reach a European place and we hit it. The 5th place was actually a dissapointing in the end as we sat on joint top with the leaders at 34 games but had a run-in of Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool. By anyones standards though, West Ham United FC had a successful year!




We also played very well in the cups getting to the finals of the Carbareo Cup & FA Cup. We lost to Liverpool FC in the final, a boggie team of ours for sure this year! We played Spurs in the FA Cup Final and what a match!!

We started the match terribly and Spurs scored 1-0. We attacked heavily in the second half and managed to grab an equaliser! We went down to 10 men late on meaning i felt sure we would lose. Unbelievably we managed to scramble in N extra time goal to win the match. Over the season, We definitely deserved this! Go on you Hammers!!



Manager Statistics


League Results




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