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Challenges The Frank Lampard Challenge


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Hey guys,welcome to the Frank Lampard challenge where you have to break Lampard's records of goals in the premier league and in all competitions. Let's get to know a little about Frank..200px-F-Lampard.jpg.cc12a582753366bc84d530aff4b9d8b6.jpg

On his retirement day,

After 22 seasons in the professional game, Frank Lampard is calling it a day. He will retire as a player to leave the pitch for the dugout and the TV studio as a coach and pundit, and a footballer who should be ranked among the very best of his era.
Was he the greatest midfielder of his generation? That’s a question that is impossible to answer. 
Lampard’s best qualities have never been up for discussion. His value to a team is obvious rather than vague, opaque or mystical. There is no context required to appreciate what he has always been about. He excelled at being exactly the kind of midfielder he set out to be, and there is no doubt that he was the very best at what he did. A record of 274 goals from midfield in 913 competitive appearances is pure end product.
In 11 out of his 22 seasons as professional player, he hit double figures for league goals. In 2010 bagged 22 in 36 Premier League games. That’s a return that would have won him the Golden Boot in seven seasons since the relaunch and re-branding of the English topflight in 1992.
Just 32 of Lampard’s 177 goals were scored as penalties.
He is fourth in the all-time list of Premier League scorers with 177 goals from his time with West Ham, Chelsea and Manchester City, and left Stamford Bridge in 2014 for the Etihad having already cemented his place in history, overtaking Bobby Tambling as the highest scorer in the club’s history. While Wayne Rooney may have claimed Sir Bobby Charlton’s records for club and country to become the most prolific player England and Manchester United have ever seen, Lampard is a more natural heir to the World Cup-winner in terms of their style of play.

1. Load up England and any other countries

2. Select any premier league side and buy/use a CENTRAL MIDFIELDER(from England to make it authentic) to try and beat Frank's record.

3.You must score 177 goals in the premier league,274 goals in all competitions and 0.30 goals per game in all competitions..

4. All other challenge rules applies here..



Thanks for reading...

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