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Career Connah's Quay Nomads F.C - The Nomads conquer Wales!


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Good Evening All,

Choosing the Career

I was thinking the other evening about which challenge to take on next. This club stood out as being attractive being based by the seaside in Wales. In addition to this, Connah's Quay had never won the Welsh Premier League, Could i change this?


Stadium & Facilities

As you can see below,  this was a small Welsh Football Club. The facilities were poor with Training facilities being below average & youth facilities only average. The Stadium as seen below only seats a few thousand.


Holiday & Assistant Manager

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:1049573542_Screenshot_20180820-205118_FMM2018.thumb.jpg.dbac7e0ef129b9cd11605c4915d9f6c7.jpg2078898393_Screenshot_20180820-205135_FMM2018.thumb.jpg.b6ce886ea2bdb111f4cff01d9f5a56a4.jpg

Staff,Finances & Training

As seen below. The staffing at Connah Quay was only basic with only bronze quality people being at the club and wanting to come to it. The finances were equally very tight matching the size of the club but an active transfer season git us well in the green. The training was intensive with the lads working hard on tactics.



I used my Tiki Taka tactic with Connahs Quay. With smaller clubs it is even harder to implement this style as your asking players to learn more intricate roles and styles. This being said, looking back, the players adapted extremely well to this style.


The Squad

From when i took over this club, the squad basically had to be de-constructed with a lot of the original players bring well off the quality but cashing in to the clubs limited funds - bit like QPR a few years back. Buying players was vast but with difficulties especially finding good quality wingers who could score & also good defensive midfielders, this quality of football is not used to these players. Due to my request for finding good players at knock off prices, most of my players bought were on free.Just think of how much value i won the club by selling the orignal players for my new players? = Good management👍



So, My season was both very positive and dissapointing. We did win the Welsh Premier League with a team of completely new players learning the intricate tiki taka style and wining the league - a great achievement and record breaking one. This said, with the level of our achievement winning the league and standard of our play, it was dissapointing to see us only getting to the Semi Finals of both Welsh Cups.

Ps: As you can see, the Connah Quay board were delighted with my performance as Manager.



Manager Results


League Results



Screenshot_20180820-205539_FMM 2018.jpg

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