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Best young talents to use for your team

The youth is key to the development for your team - providing the next generations of Ronaldos and messis or just just to add depth to your team. i will give you a list of some top talents to add to your side


The young Brazilian who currently plays for Santos (moving to Real Madrid in January ) has huge potential and he is definitely worthwhile of signing. In my most recent save i signed him for £6 million but in previous saves i have signed him for up to £15 million, it really does depends. if he reaches his full potential, should you wish to sell him on he will cost £100+ million. but i highly recommend you keeping him in your squad. He is a left winger by trade but he can also play down the right wing also. I would recommend a couple of loan spells for him because i found that his stats increase quite slowly.


Vinicius Junior

Yet another Brazilian, who has been dubbed the heir to Neymar's throne and possibly better him. But in the game he plays for Flamengo. He also plays down the left flank and he also carries five star potential. He cost me £7 million but his price could still rise. I recommend you buy him in FMM 18 while he is still cheap because in FMM 19, i am certain his price will increase. he doesn't need many loan spells to increase his stats because in my Real Madrid save his stats have increased rapidly even though i have played him in a few substitute appearances in a season.


Pietro Pellegri

The Italian striker is phenomenally talented. He was recently signed for AS Monaco, known for producing some of the finest strikers in the world like Kylian Mbappe and Thierry Henry meaning he should have lots of promise. In the game he has bags of potential and usually scores a respectable amount of goals. i can't say much about him when he has played for me as i signed him recently and have loaned him out. I signed him at the start of the third season of my Real Madrid save which meant that he came at a hefty £35 million price tag but if you sign him at the start of your first season, he should come much cheaper.


Kai Havertz

The young German currently plays for Leverkusen and is a regular in their line up. The central attacking midfielder according to my scout has five star potential and would be a great addition for the team. If you don't play with an attacking midfielder, he can also play in the center of midfield. I haven't signed him in any of my saves for a long time but he usually scores a few goals and create assists that are in double figures in a season. My scout says he will cost between £20 million to £50 million but i am sure trading a player you don't want will sweeten the deal.


Theo Hernandez

The Real Madrid starlet is definitely one to keep your eye on. The left back ( brother of Atletico Madrid centre back Lucas Hernandez) is a must sign with 4-5 star potential, i would definitely hands down say that he is the best up and coming left backs in the game. I would say he costs between £18 million to £50 million but it would be best to sign him early or otherwise you maybe paying £100+ million later on down the line. I would strongly recommend that you send him on loan for a couple of seasons because at the start of the 17/18 season he has no stats that are green.


Alessandro Plizzari

The young Italian goalkeeper provides backup to Gianluigi Donnarumma at AC Milan. He is a player i always sign in every save i play, i think he comes with five star potential as well. he will cost around £20 million. He would be a good buy because in the game Milan see him as a future star. i would say for the first season he would need a loan spell at a first division club because he needs game time to improve his stats.


i know i have missed several other stars but i don't want to make this article too long, you can always use a good youth scout to pull out any other talents. As you can see i have missed out players such as Mbappe or Malcom as they are already established and have good stats already. i would also like to suggest for your saves: Gonzalo Maroni, Sergio Gomez and Lautaro Martinez. all phenomenal talents

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