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Help HELP!!! Strained Relationsship, outcast and grouping?


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I think ive hit a bit of an Supergau with my Pescara after 5 years of managing them. 

I got an Outcast in my only foregin and important centerback many players dislike him including my 2nd best player and best assist giver ( 36 goals and 39 assists last season)

BUT also many feeling hes a vital part of the team including my rediciolous starplayer (last saison 69 goals and 19 Assists this one 29 goals and 10 Assist in 21 Games and hes only 21)

I would have huge problems if id have to sell eighter side of the teams

Also i have a strained relationship with my starplayer on top of all that.

The Outcast has 1 Year Remaining on his Contract (ending this summer)

Should i:

1.1.play him

1.2. dont play him in games anymore?

2.1 sell him in the Winter window to Barcelona and risking the wrath of a smaller Group of some of my Best players?

2.2 let the contract expire

2.3 keep him in my squad 


Please help i think a wrong move could cost me halve of my Team 😭

Screenshot_20180822-163235_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180822-163250_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180822-163243_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180822-163257_FMM 2018.jpg

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11 minutes ago, Nucleus said:

Sell the outcast. As simple as that 

and should i play or let him on the bench him till i can sell him?

(and what can i do about the strained relationship?)

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I’ve never noticed any decline in performance from an outcast to be honest. If he’s a key player I’d be tempted to play him, but move him on in the next transfer window. 

Nothing much to do about strained relationships, I’ve personally never seen them improve. Once someone becomes an outcast in the squad he becomes like a cancer that’ll affect everyone

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Sell him. 

The team might get angry for a few weeks but it always goes after a month or two. Goes even quicker if you give them all new contracts 😁 Players can never become un-outcast though, so it's a no brainer. You could even dump the lad in the reserves (until he's sold)  if the disharmony bothers u that much. 

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I've always said sell an outcast asap in case it affects team morale. That said, in my current career one of my star players (Pirlo's regen) became an outcast and I just kept on playing him. Haven't noticed an obvious affect, although maybe it does affect team performance a little (we haven't been quite as good as I think we should be). 

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