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Career Will the real Parisien Club please stand up!


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Long time lurker in this forum. And I have decided to take a crack of building my tactics by scratch.


I had 2015-2016 Leceister City tactic as inspiration and tweaked it to my capacities 

39913997_657503187955111_2652338752789151744_n (1).png




In my latest version, I moved the left winger and converted it into an "IF" and the tempo to "Fast". Thus,





I am currently in my second season in the top-flight Ligue 1 playing my heart out :D Will update as the season ends!

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I didn't know how to properly feature my pics well :D
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I like that your tackling an old school 4-4-2, and it looks promising.

Well done mate.

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Here are my stats in the my first season in the top flight. So far, this tactic is either win or lose but damn, 97 goals for a newly promoted side. I did not make any marquee signings and still had the same roster as the previous season. 


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Great results for your first time in the new league, have you thought about giving a it more steel to the defence at all, possible fb’s instead of wb’s or tweaking the roles in midfield to offer a little more protection to stop all the goals being conceded. Could just be the quality of your players mind considering you haven’t brought in any players since being promoted. 

Look forward to seeing you next update. 

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2nd/Final Update


I have gone a long way in my three season experiment as the real Parisien club even though lacklustred in the league but won the French Cup and Europa League







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