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Arsenal FC- What if Wenger saw out his contract?


In my search for Football Simulation gold, a question hit me - What if Arsene Wenger had stayed on as Arsenal FC manager?

Arsene Wenger "was the manager of Arsenal from 1996 to 2018, where he was the longest-serving and most successful in club history". He implemented the first modern style training sessions and diets for players becomming a pioneer of the game. Although in recent times his popularity has dipped.


So I edited the most recent FMM update to place Arsene back at Arsenal FC and simulated the 18/19 season with him. The thought of 'the professor' managing against Sarri, Guardiola and old foe Mourinho was tantalising. Has he still got it or was the right decision made?

Manager Results

I did snapshots of Arsene unemployed at the beginning and at the end of the season with no change at all. His FMM stats are very impressive with outstanding Adaptability, ambition, loyalty, professionalism & working with youth players. In contrast to this, his failures include working goalkeepers(explains a lot), discipline,financial control & motivation. To conclude these stats, definitely indicates Arsene prefers to work with players rather than lead through fear.


Squad changes

Below shows the Arsenal FC squad changes. Arsene has decided to keep the 4-2-3-1 with all rolls the same. This matches up with his managerial profile and how he prefered to play whilst at Arsenal FC although he tried changing this up in his latter years.


Club Results

This is the BIG section and Yes, Arsenal FC back under Arsene Wenger in 18/19 managed to win the Premier League & Europa League. You can see the Premier League was won by Arsenal FC with only a one point gap which is impressive and even better getting one over old foes Man Utd/ Mourinho. The Europa League final looks a tight one with only a narrow 4-3 victory for Arsenal FC.


Club Transfers

These are the transfers from the Wenger Era 2.0. Wenger brought 6x new players including RW, AMC, DC, & DMC's with the Winger Quincy Promes being the most expensive player bought at £45.5m. In true Wenger style, not many players left the club apart from a few sent out on Loan Deals.


Season Results

Below shows the seasons results under Wenger. A noticable victory is beating Man City 4-1 @ home as well as Liverpool. The worst loses were to Brighton & Newcastle who both trounced them away.


League Statistics


Hope you enjoyed this and please comment if you have any thoughts on it 

Take care!!!!!


Edited by SSolas
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This is a great question and one which has frustrated me.

Unfortunatly, you can only see the managers formation without seeing their tactics.

Does anyone else have a tactic to play the Wenger way?

Kind Regards,


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Definitely wasn't the Wenger way to have a net spend of £120m but looked like you did well to win the league, well done.

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21 hours ago, Jack said:

Definitely wasn't the Wenger way to have a net spend of £120m but looked like you did well to win the league, well done.

I think it was just a simulation, ie holidaying. Is that right @SSolas?

But yeah, not the Wenger way to spend that much. And I highly doubt they would have won it if he'd stayed on. I mean Man City losing 8 games? Not likely in real life. 

Anyway, these sort of simulations are fascinating, so thanks for doing this @SSolas!!

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