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Career Sport & Leisure Swifts F.C - Could the swifts get promotion?


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Good Morning All,

Choosing the career

I looked in Northern Ireland at a club I could mange and found the basically named Sport & Leisure Swifts F.C. The club was in the lowest division and required developing. Could i be the man to get Sport & Leisure Swifts FC promoted?

Stadium and Facilities

As you can see, this club was small, very small with basic training and youth facilities. The ground only seats 1000 people and the club has an average attendance of 0!!!! No people come to watch them!!! Thats crazy!! I did ask the board to increase these but this got declined.


Holiday and Assistant Manager

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:


Staff, Facilities and Training

Sport and Leisure Swifts are a very small club with minimal facilities. This meant I came to the club with only an Assistant manager and had to buy us a Pyshio & Scout. Finances were kept in the Green due to cheap deals and training was made intensive.




As with my other saves, my process as manager involves using my Tiki Taka system. The squad generally got on board with this although red cards and sloppy defending were also seen. Considering the size of this club, the way this squad adapted with all new players was amazing.


The squad

When i came to Sport and Leisure Swifts, the players were either Old or very low quality. Almost the entire squad was sold off and a brand new team bought. Luckily, most players were bought for less than we sold keeping our finances good.


The result

It was a positive year for Sport & Leisure Swifts FC with us winning the league. This was not an easy task with many stop-start moments.A great achievement considering the board only expected a mid-table finish.  


Manager Stats


League stats


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