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Career Kanegan's MU No. 7 Jersey attempt[Failed]


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Inspired from @Rob2017 attempt at the Juventus jersey challenge and since i don't want to do another long challenge having completed two, i thought i would attempt another one which i believe has gone under the radar.


The famous number 7 - a Manchester United challenge


Very few shirts are as iconic as the famous No. 7 at Manchester United. At one point, you could have believed that players were destined for greatness just by simply wearing the kit.

However, the Red Devils' recent No. 7s have proven, that it's not the kit that makes the players legendary, it's the players that make the kit legendary. Since Cristiano Ronaldo's departure in 2009, his kit's successors have combined for just 11 of United's 617 Premier League goals. 

Now is your opportunity to make the kit famous once again!


  • Load up England and any other country you like
  • Become manager of Manchester United
  • You must first buy in a norther Irish midfielder, the new “George best” and your new number 7
  • You have one season with each nominated Number 7 before they are demoted or Sold, never to play first team football again.
  • You must follow the list below to sign a new Number 7 each season from country of birth , these players must be bought in at the start of each season.
  • George Best - NORTHERN IRELAND
  • Bryan Robson - ENGLAND
  • Andrey Kanchelskis - RUSSIA
  • Eric Cantona - FRANCE
  • David Beckham - ENGLAND
  • Cristiano Ronaldo - PORTUGAL
  • Each season your Number 7’s goals and assists will become your total.
  • In total, 6 seasons with 6 players to post the highest combined total of goals and assists.
  • Midfielders only! Strikers are out of bounds
  • Usual other rules apply.
  • No Regens allowed


So, there you have it. Hopefully my attempt at this spur on many other attempts here at the forum.


So, of course my chosen team, Man Utd.

For Stage 1, i need to select an Northern Irish midfielder.

So, here is the chosen one:


Season update coming soon. Stay tuned.


Edited by Kanegan
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Stage 1 - Northern Irish

So, let's get this started:

I went with Oliver Norwood for this 1st stage:



Firstly, the transfers:

Transfers Out


Mata and Bailly were sold to bring in some cash and rest were unwanted.

Transfers In


Kimmich and Goretzka are my sure buys whenever i start a new save and Keita was signed to capitalize on the hype surrounding him.


Season Performance


A strange season really. We won everything in Europe but lost everything domestically. 🙄

League Table & Performance



Lukaku leads in goals and even makes it to top 3 in assists while Norwood misses out on the pole to the ex-Man U player who we had sold off to Man City, Juan Mata.


Cup Runs


European Super Cup


We were 1-1 in 90 minutes but Lukaku and Rashford netted in twice in extra-time to send us winners.

Carabao Cup Semi-Final


We couldn't overturn the mammoth first leg deficit and had to bow out.

FA Cup 3rd Round


The first match ended 2-2 with Kane netting a brace. Again in this replay, Kane played gorgeously to net his third goal in the dying seconds of extra time to send us out. Kane has been the bane for us all season long.


Champions League Run



Easy stage. We proceed with a 100% record.


The first leg away ended at 2-2 but at Old Trafford, Lukaku brought in his A-game netting in a hattrick and sending us to next round.


We decimated Dortmund at their home with six goals. Forgot to take the screenshot of the home leg but it was a comfortable victory for us.


This was a tricky semi-final. We lost the away match 1-2 to Roma but come Old Trafford, this time Jesse Lingard stepped up to the plate netting in a hattrick as we send Roma packing.


Finally, we managed to overcome Tottenham and bring in my 1st Champions League. What a relief😂

So, a Champions League title in my 1st season definitely was the highlight though i would have liked the league as well. Those games with Tottenham definitely stalled my momentum.


Man Utd Records



So, Lukaku is the MVP of the season with 36 goals and 20 assists at an AvR of 7.74.


But more importantly, how did the chosen one do??


Decent return from Norwood. 17 goals and 28 assists gives me a total of 45 points for the season.



So, 149 goals for the season for Kanegan's Man Utd. 


Challenge Update

Stage 1 (Northern Irish) -> Oliver Norwood = 45 points


Now, onto stage 2.

Edited by Kanegan
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8 hours ago, scratch99 said:

Yeah great start mate. Can't wait to see who you choose for the next stage!

Thanks mate. The second one is great as well.

4 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Great score for stage 1 mate ;) 

I didn't even know N. Ireland had such a great player :P

Even i didn't knew. A bit of search brought out this beauty.

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Stage 1 complete. Now onto Stage 2 for which we pick a local boy i.e English midfielder

So, here is the chosen one:


Tried for Dele Alli and Raheem Sterling but Tottenham and Man City wouldn't budge. So, had to zero in on him.

Season update coming soon. Stay tuned.


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While i wait for posting of my H2H with @Damilare, let me update you for stage 2

Stage 2 - English

Ross Barkley was the man for the second stage:


Firstly, the transfers:

Transfers Out


Not much business to do as the team is almost set. Norwood had to be sold for the challenge and Romero i don't like much as i am bringing in another much better goalkeeper.

Transfers In


Rulli was brought in to give competition to De Gea instead of Romero and Barkley was the challenge signing.


Season Performance


Still could not win the league, even after scoring 103 goals. Also lost out in CL and other cups. Just the customary Club World Championship and Euro Super Cup. 🙄


League Table & Performance



Too many draws did us in. Sanchez and Barkley manages to tie up at top in goals and assists respectively.


Cup Runs


Community ShieldScreenshot_2018-08-28-16-56-44-81.thumb.png.cb2b551e1cd6f19f3d74047d116c84ba.png

Lost in penalties to rivals City in Community Shield


Euro Super CupScreenshot_2018-08-28-17-03-50-24.thumb.png.6a3a197fa93263036102115eca5f6b2e.png

Cracker of a match. We were behind most of the time to Juventus including two own goals!!!. But Rashford played out of his skin to drew level before we went to the penalties and this time we won.


Club World ChampionshipScreenshot_2018-08-29-13-25-38-40.thumb.png.5580b3e62eb06bacfe6018959966b33c.pngScreenshot_2018-08-29-10-45-43-69.thumb.png.48eb79760ae43d3e2be459c5215adfef.png

Easy win. Martial netting a hattrick in final.


FA Cup Screenshot_2018-08-29-13-25-07-00.thumb.png.35b82b2aeef37730a326a6bea8519093.png


Carabao CupScreenshot_2018-08-29-13-25-29-78.thumb.png.75235f22f1c245a133d61704daac2dad.png

A poor poor match.


Champions LeagueScreenshot_2018-08-29-13-24-43-10.thumb.png.e8e0d5beabfc5f353d5398073e439579.pngScreenshot_2018-08-29-13-24-50-03.thumb.png.c87dfa6f7c505df2859c23da8be3422d.png

We were both strong at our homes but just couldn't find that one final goal.


Notable match:


First time i saw three red cards being handed out to the same team in FMM.





So, Barkley and Martial making it to the World Best XI.


But more importantly, how did the chosen one do??


Barkley did great with 22 goals and 31 assists making it a total of 53 points.



So, 161 goals for the season for Kanegan's Man Utd. 


Challenge Update

Stage 1 (Northern Irish) -> Oliver Norwood = 45 points

Stage 2 (English) -> Ross Barkley = 53 points


Now, onto stage 3.

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10 minutes ago, Cockers2505 said:

This is looking really good so far mate, might have a look at this before 2019 version hits us, good luck with the rest of the challenge 👏

Yes, it's a fun challenge to play and i was surprised no one has picked this up even more so after seeing so many attempts at the Juve challenge. Hope i carry on the good work but just can't win the league from Man City.☹️

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Stage 3 - The Russian

Golovin was picked up to be our chief for this stage:


He cost us 75mil from CSKA Moscow. Forgot to take the transfer screenshots.


Season Performance


Still cannot win the fucking league from Man City, though Carabao Cup and Champions League was ours.



League Table & Performance



Forgot the league table but we finished second as usual to Man City. For three seasons now, Man City has been pipping us to the league win. Lukaku and Golovin finished on top of goals and assists respectively.


Cup Runs


Carabao CupScreenshot_2018-08-31-14-33-31-41.thumb.png.449b7ddc11e8f5ed81f84422c1b3c30e.png

Martial netting in a brace to help us overcome Chelsea though Smalling being sent off did put us in a bit jeopardy.


FA Cup


Guardiola's pimps again pimping us out from FA Cup.


Notable match:


The only hattrick of Golovin in the league.


Champions League Run


First Knockout RoundScreenshot_2018-08-31-14-34-08-20.thumb.png.6b84ae2b3c408e72feafca61d06e2ac4.pngScreenshot_2018-08-31-14-33-57-50.thumb.png.daaf4688d829ee15674667277457fe6a.png

We start badly at home when Muller put Bayern ahead with a solitary goal. In the second leg at Allianz Arena, we again go behind to Lewandowski strike. But Lukaku drew us level before Lingard fines in 80th minute to send us on lead for the first time in the match but Lewandowski again fires in a scorcher from a distance to send the game to tense finale. But fortunately, Lukaku taps in a loose ball and we proceed to next round. What a match.!!!


Forgot the screenshots of the second round but it was fairly comfortable against AC Milan.


Quarter Finals


Again we do poorly at home with Gurreiro equalizing in injury time and Kimmich gets his second red card of the season. But Golovin fires his second hattrick of the season to decimate Dortmund at their home.




Again our home performance left a lot to be desired. We could not find a goal even with Madrid a man down but in the second leg, we blew them away with Martial and Lukaku netting a brace each.




We avenge our FA Cup and league loss with Keita scoring the winning goal. It was a very physical match with 11 yellow cards and Goretzka and Golovin both being stretchered off.






Lukaku making it two successive POTY for Man U while Golovin takes the first ever YPOTY. Golovin was also the only Man U player to make it to World XI. Bayern had the lion's share with 6.


But more importantly, how did the chosen one do??


Did not break Barkley's record but 21 goals and 31 assists gave us 52 points - one short of Barkley.




Goals go down. 152 goals only this time.


Challenge Update

Stage 1 (Northern Irish) -> Oliver Norwood = 45 points

Stage 2 (English) -> Ross Barkley = 53 points

Stage 3 (Russian) -> Alexandr Golovin = 52 points.




For stage 4, i had to look in France. Mbappe was out of bounds as he had green in striker. Pogba and Martial were already at the club. I wanted Lemar so badly but just couldn't get Juve to agree for him. In the end, the only midfielder who could have joined Man U was



Stay tuned for stage 4.

Edited by Kanegan
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Ok, this save is in serious derailment at the moment due to my shittiness. I saved my H2H challenge over this save and now the only save i could find was the January of Golovin's season. I tried to manipulate the save and i had almost done it but the only change from the results posted was that i won the league title and lost the Champions League. So, my only question now is do i call it quits or i carry on with the challenge and ignore the modified results??

Share your thoughts as i really wanted to complete this one.

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Unfortunately after confirmation of @Nucleus, I have to abort this save due to my shittiness of overwriting. Thanks for all the support. I might come back with another attempt at this after going through some other challenges.

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