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Challenges The Slab Head Brothers One Season Challenge


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The Slab Head Brothers One Season Challenge

This challenge is based around these couple of likely lads.


The guy on the left should need no introduction after this years World Cup but if you have been living under a rock it is Leicester and England CB Harry Maguire AKA Slab head and on the right is his younger brother and Chesterfield CB Laurence Maguire. There is in fact an older Maguire brother who plays in Non league for Buxton but I couldn’t find him in the game.

Over the last few months Harry has become just as famous for his goalscoring exploits than for his defending and in this challenge you will need to get both these lads firing upfront.


The Challenge

You will need to take over at Leicester City and buy Laurence Maguire. The task is then to get the pair of them to score as many goals between them as you can in one season.


·        1pt per Harry Maguire goal.

·        5 pts per Laurence Maguire goal.

·        League points.


·        Take over Leicester City and buy Laurence Maguire from Chesterfield.

·        Harry and Laurence must both play up front.

·        Goals in all competitions count.

·        You may make as many transfers as you want.

·        No unlockables

·        No cheating including reloading, editors etc.

·        Evidence must be produced to make the leaderboard. I suggest you post a career thread.

·        If asked you must produce the save and failure to do so will result in a disqualification.

Leaderboard (* denotes sacked during the challenge)


@URz - 213 - Career


@Nucleus - 191 - Career

@Woody - 187 - Career

@Cockers2505 - 178 - Career

@Seth Anacondas - 125 - Career

@Ashez - 102 - Career

@PilgrimAsh - 92 pts - Career

@Damilare - 59 pts* - Career

@Kanegan - 55 pts* - Career


Good Luck



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34 minutes ago, Seth Anacondas said:

Who do we play upfront if either brother is injured or suspended?

Anyone you want but if they miss more than a game or 2 you will need to screenshot the injury to prove it happened.

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