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Career Man Utd FC- Can the Red Devils fire there way back?


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Good Evening All,

Choosing the Career

This was by far the easiest career i have ever chosen as IF i had a football heart, it would be with Manchester United FC. Ever since i was young and said to myself, whoever won this final id support and well, I have been a red devil since then. Theres been many highs and some lows but I love them and wanted to see if i could improve their current fortunes.

Stadium & Facillities

The Red Devils boast a World Class Stadium and Facilities.  As Seen below, The training facilities are huge and kitted out with all the mod-cons a modern club needs. The Stadium, lovingly known as the 'theatre of dreams' has enjoyed so many incredible players and Managers.


Holiday & Assistant Manager

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:


Staff, Finances and Training

As you would expect of a club Man Utd's size, All the coaches are World Class and Gold trained. The Finances, which were vast £260m were maintained to a good level. The training was intense and focused on Technique to learn my system.



The Tactics as viewed below is the same as my other saves. The squad did take a while to adapt to my new system. Along with the new players adapting to life in Manchester being under high pressure almost immediatly.


The squad

Arriving as manager, I scanned through the teams attributes and qualities. To my utter surprise, The central defence was by far the best position with bailly,smalling and jones all highly skilled. The Area's i struggled with were DMC'S and MC's as well as others. Some big money was spent but also a lot of quality, The statement of 'man utd are back' needed to be felt.


The results

To my immense happiness, Man Utd FC recorded their 21st Premier League Title! The table makes it look easier than it was and we spent most of the year in 4th, 3rd or 2nd. The title was only won after some shrewed management against some big teams at the end.



In the Cups we did very good but fell just short in the Champions League and FA Cup, I would put this down to fitness around this time. We did win the Carabao Cup against Chelsea FC though which is excellent.The match felt closer than it really was as we scored 2x early goals and played Counter the rest of the season.


Manager Stats


League Stats


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