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Tactics Football Manager Mobile 2018 - Pep Guardiola Tactic 17/18


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Good Evening All,

Whose tactic am i doing?

Tonight I want to show you the tactic that Pep Guardiola developed for Man City. Pep Guardiola has been successful at every club he has managed and is a Student of the game. He currently holds a Win Rate in his career of 75.47% which is possibly the best in the world. This guy is a key reason i love FMM so much, his passion, skill and success make me want to manage. The fact he does all of this while playing beautiful effortless football is incredible.

When was this tactic used?

The Tactic I have done today is from the Man City Season of 17/18.With this tactic, Man City recorded a record-breaking 100 points!! Along with this, Man City also recorded an 84.21% Win Rate and also won the Carabao Cup!!

Why did I want to copy it?

I am a Manchester United Fan and do not hold much time for City, but in credit, they played some of the best football the Premier League has seen. As i said above, Pep is a student of the game which means he's always adapting his system to fit his Philosophy. Just thinking about replicating his genius on FMM 18 got me excited so I got online and studied.

What is the tactic?

First off, I got my research from 2x main sources shown at the bottom. Secondly, as i said above and Pep has said before, His Tiki Taka Philosophy DOES NOT CHANGE so my instructions replicate my "Tiki Taka Tactic"

and the instructions I feel most accuratly copy his style.The system DOES change with Inverted Wing Backs who move central to provide even more passing options in the centre of the park and the 2x central midfielders are attacking players and move the opposition out of space so that the Inside Forwards are able to pick up the ball. The System & Philosophy can be seen here...


Where have I tested this Tactic?

In all honesty, it has not been tested properly. The only test I have completed is a Friendly of Man City vs Middlesborough using the tactic above and most common City squad. Belows video shows the result of this..

Hope you all enjoyed this!

Take care and have a good evening.




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