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Challenges The Allan Simonsen Challenge


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When most people think of famous Danish footballers a few names spring to mind, The Laudrup brothers , The Schmeichel’s, Christian Eriksen or if you’re @Ashez, Daniel Agger!

Before all them however, there was another Danish genius on the scene, by the name of Allan Simonsen. A striker by trade, Simonsen made his name at Borussia Mönchengladbach, where in 178 appearances he scored 76 goals for the club. His first two years at Mönchengladbach were a difficult time, he only managed to play in 17 games and scored only two goals. He was however part of the team that won the German Cup in the 72/73 season.

 Simonsen broke into the first team shortly after this and played all 34 league games as Mönchengladbach won the Bundesliga Championship, Simonsen also scored 10 goals in 12 games en route to a UEFA cup victory, including two goals in the 5-1 final victory over FC Twente.

The following season, Simonsen Scored 16 league goals as Mönchengladbach retained their Bundesliga crown. He scored four goals in six games in the 75/76 European Cup run which was cruelly ended by Real Madrid in the quarter finals on the away goals rule.

1977 was the greatest year in Simonsen’s career. In the 76/77 European Cup, Simonsen helped Mönchengladbach reach the final against England’s Liverpool. In the final Simonsen scored a memorable goal with a powerful shot to level the game at 1-1, unfortunately Mönchengladbach lost the game 3-1 but Simonsen was subsequently named the 1977 European Footballer of the Year, becoming the first Danish player to win the award. 

The following two seasons went by with another UEFA cup win, Simonsen scoring the decisive goal in the final, as they beat Red Star Belgrade 2-1. It was no surprise that Simonsen had been approached by Barcelona in 1978, although Mönchengladbach refused to let him go. Simonsen eventually ran his contract down and moved to the Spanish outfit in 1979.

Simonsen spent three successful years at Barcelona, which included a Spanish Cup and a Cup Winners Cup victory. He then moved to Charlton Athletic after a domestic player row, before retiring at his hometown club of Vejle BK. 

Can you follow in the great Dane’s footsteps?

Challenge Set-Up:

  • Load up Germany, Spain and any other countries you like and take charge of Borussia Mönchengladbach 
  • You must sign a Danish striker who will become your new “Simonsen”
  • At Mönchengladbach you must win at least 3x Bundesliga Titles, 1x German Cup and 2x Major European Trophies (Champions League/Europa League)
  • You must then move to Spain (Barcelona if you want to make it authentic) and bring your Danish striker along with you
  • Here you must win at least 1x Spanish Cup and 1x European Super Cup


  • Emulate Simonsen’s 1977 Ballon d’Or win
  • Take charge of Denmark and beat Simonsen’s record of 20 goals in 55 Appearances 


  • Own Formations Only
  • November Database Only (Ballon d’Or has disappeared in the February database)
  • No Unlockables unless earned on the save
  • No use of any editors
  • Evidence is required via screenshots, I’d suggest posting as a career thread so the whole of Vibe can follow
  • No Cheating - Reloading to avoid injuries counts as cheating.



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