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Football Manager Mobile 2018- Best Free Buys

Good Evening All,

I am a keen FMM18 player and always looking for ways to help new players. This guide comes pretty late as FMM19 is nearly here BUT below shows in my opinion, the best free buys on FMM18..Enjoy.


Weidenfeller is my pick for in goal. In fairness, he is not amazing but he is free, played internationally and has better than good stats. As a back up or GK for smaller club, Roman is a good choice.



The Italian International Davide Astori is my Defensive choice. Just because he is a Free, this guy can still cut it at any Major club in Europe - his stats are Excellent & better than a lot of players out there. Whichever medium/top team you are,IF you need a defender..chose this guy.



The Ex-Arsenal man is my pick for Midfield.He's older but the quality on the Screen shows, he is Excellent at crossing,dribbling & crestivity etc. If you can keep him fit and playing, this guy might just make an average team brilliant.



My pick for Forwards is Giuseppe Rossi. His Finishing is excellent but he is also pretty great with the ball at his feet, creating & moving in the right areas. If you need a Poacher, this guy is a great choice.


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