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Challenges Strikerless Double Trouble and Triple Threat Challenge


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We have all seen Double Trouble and Triple Threat attempts on the forum, but they are with strikers. Can YOU achieve either with a Strikerless formation?

For those that don’t know, a Double Trouble involves two pre-selected players scoring more than 1200 goals between them in a career. A Triple Threat involves three selected players scoring more than 1500 goals between them in a career. 

The rules are simple:

(Credit to @Foxy for the basis of these)

  • You can combine both challenges in to one career or do them separately - it is entirely up to you;
  • Your chosen players must not have any green ability at playing as a striker;
  • International goals count only if you are the manager of that nation and all players are of the same nationality;
  • Your formation must not have anyone playing in the five top line position;
  • No cheating including reloading and IGE 💪
  • EME match engine;
  • Post a career here on Vibe;
  • Have fun. 



@danovic78, please add this to the challenge thread if that’s ok?

p.s. be sure to have a crack at Foxy’s Strikerless 1kc Challenge too:


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@Rob by green ability, do you mean light and dark? Im wanting to try strikerless to try and bring back some enjoyment to this game for me. I had a few players rin mind for this, but my right winger has a dark green ability up front. 

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