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Challenges The Double Trouble Challenge

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The Double Trouble Challenge


Shearer-Sutton, Collymore-Fowler, Owen-Heskey, Yorke-Cole, Henry-Berkamp, Raul-Morientes, Del Piero-Trezuguet or going back even further, the likes of Rush-Dalglish or even further back Puskas-Di Stefano. And of course, more recently, Rooney-Van Persie. These are some of the great strike partnerships in the history of football. These Players feed off each other and strike terror in the hearts of opposition defenders. These Players who more than anything else, put the ball in the net again and again, time after time. The challenge is simple enough, but can you beat it?


The objective of this challenge is to have two strikers score a combined total of 1200 goals. As an additional challenge one may attempt to also rack up a combined 600 assists between the pair.


  • The two strikers must both be playing as strikers at all times (Both strikers A and B must be playing in a forward role ~ no advanced playmakers! ~ Trequartistas are fine)
  • You must use a tactic with two strikers at all times. That means no formations with one up top!
  • Both Real Players and Regens are allowed
  • No Unlockables/Cheats can be used
  • No use of the in game editor
  • No reloading to avoid injuries
  • International Goals count, but only those a player scores in game. Also both strikers must be of the same nationality for it to count.
  • Screenshots are required as evidence


@fRESH: PSG -  Guebbels/Silva: 1844

@Kanegan: Sporting - Haji Wright/Josh Sargent: 1829 goals

@Mr Tree: Legia - Zjawinski/Rosolek: 1386 goals

@Foxy: Barcelona/Man City - Tyler Fox/ Connor Adams (regens): 1204 goals

@1759: Benfica - Jun Se-Jin/Mohamed Bangoura: 1200 goals

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This is my attempt at this challenge  ive chosen to start with barcelona as i hope with all the pace on the wings and general creative play i should be able to score a few goals in my first year and with intense training on my chosen 2 strikers i hope to get off to a flying start. Ive took the following screenshots of my first team and transfers. I aim to try and spend as little as possible and use the youth where possible. I dont have in game editor as i refuse to buy it lol (waste of money in my opinion) i never seme to have much success with esposito as i dont know which role best suits him. But i have high expectations this time around. 

Screenshot_20200801-171022_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200801-171415_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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