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Challenges The Vikings Cometh!


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The Vikings Cometh!

This challenge is created by @kts365


Back in the earlier days of Britain our little island nation was subject to many an invasion from foreign lands. This is partly what formed our language and why it is so complex. One such invasion was that of the vikings. These Scandinavian warriors invaded the north east of our lands and made their way inland taking over whatever and wherever they could. This rich history has brought me to a challenge to be created involving these very norsemen(or at least their nations).

The Challenge

Squad Requirements

1.    Select a premier league or championship team from the "viking invasion catchment area" (VICA) listed below.

2.    Sell or demote all non-viking (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) players

3.    Build an all viking squad.

The VICA teams

BPL Teams - Newcastle, Burnley, Manchester City, Manchester United, Huddersfield

Championship Teams - Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Hull , Leeds, Barnsley, Sheffield United, Derby

Conquer England (and Defend it)

1.    Win at least 2 premier league titles back to back

2.    Win at least 1 FA cup

3.    Win at least 1 EFL trophy

4.    Win BPL player of the year with any "king" (see special players) three times, can be 3 seperate kings.

5.    Win Golden boot with any "warlord" (see special players) three times can be 3 seperate warlords.

Conquer Europe (and the world)

1.    Win the champions league

2.    Win the club World cup

3.    (Optional) Have your "king" win world player of the year

4.    (Optional) defend your champions league title

5.    (Optional) win the Euros managing a viking nation (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)

6.    (Optional) win the world cup managing a viking nation

Special Players

King - Pick any of your players to be king at the beginning of each season. The king must prove he is worthy of his title by being the best player in the land. 

If your king fails to win BPL or Championship player of the year he must be banished (demoted and/or sold). If another of your players wins it he is now king. If not choose a new king.

Warlord - At the beginning of each season pick a warlord who is your master of attack. 

Your warlord must win the BPL or Championship golden boot to prove his attacking prowess. If he fails to do so he is banished (demoted and/or sold).

A player may be both king and warlord but if he fails at either he is banished.

Banished players may never return to your club.


1.    All players used must be Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. 

2.    No unlockables, except favour from the board and place on the board when offered in the career.

3.    No cheating/reloading

4.    Must name your king/warlord before playing a season.

5.    Screenshots as proof of accomplishments, posting a career thread for us to follow is recommended.


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3 minutes ago, AnonymousLietchensteiner said:

Does Iceland/Finland count?


On 22/09/2018 at 23:58, Foxy said:

All players used must be Danish, Swedish or Norwegian.


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