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Challenges The Wine World Tour Challenge


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Welcome to..


Credit to @BatiGoal for coming up with this challenge.


I've been thinking about this challenge for some time now and I think I came up with the final ingredient to make it fun and work at the same time. So I'm proud to present you the grape expedition, the vineyard tour, the wine-tasting challenge, the drunkards field trip, ..let's keep it clean and just refer to it as the WWT.

I don't want to complicate what can be really simple and fun so here it goes: You love your wine and you know your wine so you're going on a Wine World Tour. There's one little catch though, you may know your wine very well but you have zero geographical sense so you're going to need to hire a local guide (player) to do the "dirty work" for you: picking 100 grapes (scoring 100 goals) and guide you to your next country and vineyard (club) where another local guide is waiting for you to do some more grape-picking and so forth. Second catch, did I mention there was a second catch?, each guide can cost no more than €10M, that's all your sponsors are willing to fork out on you per every visited wine-producing country.

Since your sponsors are based in one of the the world's most commercially attractive and wine producing/exporting countries on the globe, your challenge is going to kick off in Australia. You then move on the Europe's finest in either Italy, France, Portugal and/or Spain. This is where I give you a little freedom to determine your route and eventual final destination for this challenge. There's 4 top European wine nations but you need to pick, and load, 3 after your main league Australia. Once you're done in Australia you're allowed to visit any of those 3 wine nations in no specific order, wherever your preferences lie or wherever a vineyeard becomes available for some more wine-tasting.

Remember, you need a new local guide (meaning same nationality as home nation) for every country to pick 100 grapes. You can either use a local guide that is already at the vineyard or hire/buy one for no more than €10M. Whether you opt for a guide exchange deal in order to get a much more valuable and qualified guide I don't care, as long as you spend no more than €10M on each local 100-grape-picking guide of yours, as per your sponsors' request.


  • Load primary league Australia + sec. leagues France / Italy / Portugal / Spain
  • Kick off this Wine World Tour in Australia and have your local guide pick 100 grapes
  • Move on to European Wine Nation 1 and have your new local guide pick 100 grapes
  • Move on to European Wine Nation 2 and have your new local guide pick 100 grapes
  • Move on to European Wine Nation 3 and have your new local guide pick 100 grapes
  • NO unlockables, reloading, editors etc allowed
  • NO grey/fake players allowed, real players ONLY!
  • Post a career to be eligible for the leaderboard
  • Points: Combined amount of picked grapes in all stages


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