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Challenges The Ronald Koeman Goal Challenge


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The Ronald Koeman Goal Challenge


Credit to @Ashez for coming up with this challenge.

It's not often that the name of a world class defender goes before the words goal challenge but when i heard of the record the Dutchman Ronald Koeman has i knew i had to bring this challenge to Vibe.

 The Back story.....Did you know that Koeman is the world's highest ever scoring central defender? Although he sometimes played within the midfield Koeman here has an incredible record which stands at 239 goals scored in 685 games at club level and an impressive 14 in 78 at international level, that my friends is a center back with over 250 goals! Even though Koeman took free kicks and penalties that is a record to behold and i'm sure it outshines many a striker and just to put it into perspective England's very own Peter Crouch has scored 180 goals at club level in 606 appearances! Madness!

The Challenge

As you've already guessed the challenge is to see what's the highest amount of goals you can get a central defender, can you get close to Koeman's record or maybe even beat it?


  • The player can only play CB.
  • No use of the editors or myclub and so on.
  • Own formations only.
  • No cheating which includes save reloading.
  • International goals can count but only goals after the start date count. 
  • Only goals at club level under your management count.
  • Evidence will be required.

The Target - Ronald Koeman - Real Life - 253


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