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Challenges The 80's Milan Go Dutch Challenge


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The 80's Milan Go Dutch Challenge

Credit to @danovic78 for this challenge.

The early eighties had not been good for Milan, as they had been struggling to overcome a couple of seasons in Serie B, having been relegated due to a matchfixing scandal in 1980, and falling back again in ‘82-‘83. Enter an entrepreneur called Silvio Berlusconi, who purchased the club in 1986 and immediately invested heavily in it. In addition to hiring now legendary coach Arrigo Sacchi, he bought world class players with the intention of becoming the most successful club in the world.


One investment was Dutch player Marco van Basten. He would become known as one of the most brilliant and beloved players ever to wear the Rossoneri jersey. He was a lethal finisher with both feet, incredibly agile, and also good with his head. His individual accomplishments speak for themselves: He won European Player of the Year three times, in ’88, ’89, and ’92. 

That same season, Ruud Gullit, a fellow countryman who is known as much for his massive hair as his footballing skills, arrived at Milan. He was a strong, physical player who embodied “Total Football,” a concept where players can play at any position and do so interchangeably within a match. His power and strength gave Milan a top player that would strike fear into any opponent. 

One year later, in 1988, the third prong of the Dutch trident came along in the form of Frank Rijkaard, a childhood friend of Ruud Gullit. Coach Sacchi took the defender and transformed him into a defensive midfielder, and he dominated the pitch both verbally and physically with his aggressive playing style. Feared by opponents, but loved by coaches (except for the temper,) he redefined the defensive midfield position. And together with his compatriots he went on a winning spree that put AC Milan on the map as one of the greatest clubs in the world.

Challenge Rules

1. Load up Italy and any other countries and take charge of AC Milan.

2. You must sign 3 Dutch players that will remain at the club throughout the challenge, one must a be striker.

2. You have Six Seasons in which to replicate the trophies won with the three.

3. You must win 3 League Titles, 3 Suppacoppa's, 2 Champions League's and 2 European Super Cups.

4. Your Dutch striker must score at least 90 League Goals in the six seasons.

5. Own formations only

6. No unlockables, edited databases, or use of any of the editors

7. Evidence is required, I'd suggest posting a career thread for us to follow.

8. No cheating - Restarting to avoid injuries counts as cheating!!


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16 minutes ago, Cereal Killer said:

Hi @samhardy

 I would like to attempt this challenge

What evidence would you like me to put up in the career thread??

And would you recommend me to try this challenge because I've only been playing this game for about 6 months.

Evidence is just screenshots of how you’re doing otherwise anyone could claim to have done it. Have a look at some of the other careers posted to get an idea of how they’re usually posted, although most people have their own styles :)

And I don’t see why not as people have had fun with it in the past and it’s not overly tough.

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On 30/08/2019 at 22:31, Cereal Killer said:

What would you have done?? (Geniunely asking don't mean to be rude)

I needed a striker and Depay was too ex so Jansen was the next best

Gravenberch was a star in my athletico career mode hit over 150M in value(pounds)

And van ginkel was the best of the rest for my remaining budget

You should load the Dutch league, they have great bargains there. A tip is to make use of player exchange to get expensive players like Depay 

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