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Challenges The Atletico Madrid Challenge


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The Atletico Madrid Challenge

Credit to @Ashez for this challenge.

Atletico Madrid have an amazing knack of producing some of Europe's most desired strikers, in recent years they've produced and/or signed an amazing line of super star strikers including Fernando Torres, Sergio Aguero, Diego Forlan, Falcao and most recently Diego Costa. Many clubs have looked on in wonder as Atletico have managed to sell on their prized assets yet replace them with ease, can you match this feat?

The Challenge

  • Starting with Atletico and a striker already at the club you must score 30+ goals in a single season then demote and sell the striker.
  • Now you must sign a replacement for the talented forward.
  • Your replacement must now go on to score 30+ goals in a single season.
  • Once the season is finished and he has his 30+ goals you must demote and sell the player.
  • You now sign a replacement....Rinse and repeat.

In Short

Your striker must score 30+ a season, if he fails the challenge is over. If you manage to score 30+ goals you demote and sell the striker and find someone else to once again score 30+ goals. This continues until you fail or have enough.

The Rules

  • If a player fails to break 30 the challenge is over.
  • Screen shots must be used as evidence, ideally a career would be posted in the careers section for us to follow.
  • Own formations only.
  • No cheats, glitches, unlockables (outside ones unlocked in the save) or editing of the game in any way (save editor/change texts)
  • Have fun  :D


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I was thinking one goal should equal a point and the points get tallied at the end of each season. Having a high score to beat would be awesome. 

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26 minutes ago, Baddar said:

Is this 30 league goals, or 30 goals in all comps @samhardy?

Optional as is the target, it's low so people can higher it if they want to. 

Edited by Ashez
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28 minutes ago, Cereal Killer said:

Just a few questions

1. Can we loan in the striker??

2. Can we make other transfers??

Yes to both. 

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