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Challenges The New Stadium Challenge

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High The New Stadium Challenge

This challenge is straight forward play the game in anyway you want and when you have a stadium built let me know in the comments or tag me in your career and I will add you to the leaderboard. I want to see who can have the most stadiums built during the lifetime of FMM19 so let me know every time you get one built in any save you do.

Please make sure you collect screenshots to prove you had the stadiums built. Why not start a career post to tell us all about your efforts.


No cheating of any kind. eg. reloading, pre game or in game editors.

Load any and as many leagues in any country's as you wish.

Collect screenshots.

Post proof as a career (this can be a single post showing all the relevant screenshots) and remember to tag me so you can be added to the leaderboard.

You don't need to play the full 30 years but the longer you play the more stadiums you can have built and named in your honour.


@Kanegan: 3 stadiums

@Cockers2505: 2 stadiums 
@1759: 3 stadiums

@fRESH: 2 stadiums

@smoggy90: 2 stadiums

@Mr Tree: 2 stadiums

@Nucleus:medal:1 stadium

@danovic78: 1 stadium
@Madferit25: 1 stadium
@Titjes: 1 stadium

@Waldorfstatler: 1 Stadium
@Mr Tree

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I’m expecting that quite a few people have got deep into saves now so I wonder who will be the first person to get their name on this leaderboard this year.

First person to do it gets a gold medal....


next to there name on the leaderboard.


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Got my second stadium during my Parrott 1k attempt. I forgot to take screen shot from when it was announced but have this one from end of season which shows my future stadium as Parrott Palace.



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