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Challenges Curse Of The Loan Signing


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Curse Of The Loan Signing

Credit to @Ashez for creating this challenge.

Loan transfers can become a curse within the world of football, especially if you manage to sign a player of a much higher level than the club in which he's signed. Take West Brom a few years as an example who managed to sign the talented Lukaku on a season's loan from Chelsea and he helped the club go on an amazing run but failure to replace him saw Steve Clarke lose his job and the expectations of the club plummeted back down to earth, but can you break this curse?

The Challenge

  • Play a season with a loaned in striker (can be a loan you made or one made in real life already)
  • Once this season is complete you must loan another striker in and beat or match the first loanee's results and this process continues until you fail to beat/match your previous record.


  • You start at Cardiff and loan in a striker and he scores 20 goals in the first season and returns to his parent club.
  • The second season you loan in another striker and you have to match or beat your record with striker 1 (20 goals)
  • If you beat or match the target the challenge continues and you sign another striker on loan, if you fail the challenge is over.


  • Own formations only.
  • No use of the SE, PGE, text changes or Myclubs.
  • The loaned in player must play a key part in the save.
  • No cheating or reloading.
  • Any club and league are allowed.
  • Regens should be avoided unless you have no choice.
  • Photo evidence will be needed, I suggest you post a career on Vibe for us to enjoy.
  • Have fun.


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