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Challenges The Latin Europe Challenge


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The Latin Europe Challenge

Credit to @BatiGoal for creating this challenge.

I present you yet another "break the current record" challenge. For those familiar with the UK Challenge, you know the deal. Those who aren't, you'll find out right now but there's not a whole lot to it other than having to score a large amount of goals. This challenge takes place in 4 romance-speaking countries and is slightly more difficult to complete than the UK one due to the sheer amount of goals needed. Objective: Break the current top goal scorer's record in each country. You must start at the country with the lowest goals record and move your way up to the highest goals record and break each record as you go. Once you break the record you may move on to the next stage of the challenge. While you're waiting to land a club in the next stage you're allowed to remain at your current club to improve your reputation and/or set an even higher record as many times as you want thus increasing your total score (combined highest records in all 4 stages). You may use any player you like and goals in all competitions (except ITN goals) count towards the total. If you manage to break the record (scoring more than the current total) in all 4 countries you will have scored at least a total of 228 goals in Latin Europe and earned yourself a spot on the Latin Europe Challenge Leaderboard.

Let's have a look at the numbers your 4 strikers are going to need to crush...

Latin Europe Goal Records


Let me first say a couple things before we get to the rules. I want you to know that this is a very tough challenge. I usually complete my own challenges before I post them for you guys to try, but this one is one of the few I have yet to complete. I had a go several times but to my dismay saw my numerous attempts fail at the same stage, guess which one.. But despite some of you probably thinking it's too difficult, you may be right but it isn't impossible. Challenges aren't only about completing, they're about much more than that, it's about the journey, the experience, what you learn along the way and what you do differently in your 2nd - 3rd - 4th attempt until you finally succeed, ...or not. Even if you think you stand no chance, you won't ever succeed if you don't give it your best shot.

Remember, these goals are in all competitions except ITN goals, those aren't counted. Some of you may remember Lionel Messi's amazing 91 goals in a single season, making him the current World Record Holder goals scored in a season, but he netted 12 of those in an Argentina shirt so his tally stands at 79 for this challenge. This means you'll need to score at least 80 goals in a single La Liga season in your final Stage 4 to complete this challenge and be eligible for the Latin Europe Challenge Leaderboard. Ifit's any consolation, there will be a leaderboard for both OME and EME (successful)attempts. I really do hope either leaderboard doesn't remain empty for too long.

Challenge Rules

  • Load the Latin Europe leagues - Italy, France, Portugal, Spain - in any order.
  • Start your challenge in Italy and complete the Stages 1-4 in numeric order.
  • Once you break the record in stage 1 you may move on to the next stage.
  • Repeat a stage as many times as you want until a club in the next stage comes along.
  • At NO point in the challenge are you allowed to move back a stage to break a previous set record.
  • You may choose any top division team and pick any player/nationality you like, but MUST use a unique striker per stage.
  • Main strikers MUST be real players. The rest of the team does not and may be fake players - regens/evogens.
  • Goals in all competitions count except ITN goals.
  • NO unlockables (unless earned during this challenge) and NO editors, reloading etc. allowed.
  • As surely most of us have a Coaching Badge by now you are allowed to start with one.
  • You must post a career with screenshots to be eligible for the leaderboard.
  • Points: Combined highest goal records in all 4 countries.


@danovic78 - 249 Goals - Link

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