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Challenges The Sir Marc Bradley Wiggins Challenge


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The Sir Bradley Marc Wiggins Challenge

Credit to @danovic78 for this one.

Sir Bradley Marc Wiggins, CBE is a British former professional road and track racing cyclist, who competed professionally between 2001 and 2016. Nicknamed "Wiggo", he began his cycling career on the track, but has made the transition to road cycling and is one of the few cyclists to gain significant elite level success in both those forms of professional cycling. He is the only rider to have combined winning both World and Olympic championships on both the track and the road, as well as winning the Tour de France, and holding the iconic track hour record. In addition, he has worn the leader's jersey in each of the three Grand Tours of cycling and as of 2016 holds the world record in team pursuit.

Wiggins was awarded a CBE in 2009. Following his success in 2012, Wiggins was the subject of further honours and awards; the Vélo d'Or award for best rider of the year, the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award and a knighthood as part of the 2013 New Year Honours.

This challenge follows the path of Wiggins' success, spanning four countries and ending with glory at the Olympic Games.

Countries to be loaded are - Belgium, England, Germany and France.

Stage 1: 1980 Wiggins birthplace - Ghent, Belgium. Take control of KAA Gent

Stage 2: 2002 Commomwealth Games - Manchester, England. Take control of City or United

Stage 3: 2003 World Championships - Germany. Take control of any Bundesliga Club.

Stage 4: 2012 Tour de France - France. Take control of any Ligue 1 club.

Stage 5: 2012 Olympic Games - London, England. Take control of any Premier league club based in London.

*BONUS STAGE 6: 2016 Six Days of Ghent - Head back to KAA Gent to finish your managerial career*

At each stage you must win all domestic trophies available before you can move to the next stage.

*BONUS* - Win a European trophy with each club to crown this career.


    •    Own formations only.

    •    No use of the editors, myclub or anything like that so no created players or editing of existing ones.

    •    Original database only.

    •    No cheating which includes reloading.

    •    Photo evidence will be required so i suggest posting a career thread for us to follow.

    •    No unlockables unless earn't on that save.


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