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Challenges Besiktas: The Gordon Milne Challenge


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Besiktas: The Gordon Milne Challenge


Credit to @danovic78 for this one.

The history of the Black Eagles:
In the 1940s, Besiktas dominated the Turkish footballing scene. After back-to-back domestic league triumphs at the beginning of the decade, the club went into the 1940-41 campaign with a largely new and young team. The brilliantly skilled men in black and white were to become legends that year, after a series of breathtaking displays which also earned them their nickname, the Black Eagles.

The term first came into use on 19 January 1941, as the men from Istanbul took on Suleymaniye and ran up a crushing 6-0 victory. Midway through the second half, a fisherman by the name of Mehmet Galin struck up a previously unheard chant, which – so the legend goes – was rapidly taken up by the entire stadium. "Come on Black Eagles, attack Black Eagles!" was the cry from thousands of throats, and Besiktas had the nickname that persists to this day.

Success in the 90s:
Besiktas had their most successful run in the Süper Lig with three consecutive championships under the management of Gordon Milne in the early 1990s. Three players of the squad – Metin Tekin, Ali Gültiken and Feyyaz Uçar – were notable for significant contributions to the team during this period. 

These players had been called Metin-Ali-Feyyaz ("MAF") and they formed the front of the team's line-up. The supporters composed various chants for the trio devoted to their delighting style on the pitch, their goals, and above all for their friendship and modesty. The trio is regarded by supporters as the best ever attacking line of the club.

The only three-in-a-row title term in club history occurred in the 1989–90, 1990–91 and 1991–92 seasons. Most notably, Besiktas became the first undefeated champion in Süper Lig history. So far, Besiktas is the only team that has achieved these honors.

Under Milne, the team adopted the 4–4–2 system. By playing down the lines, crossing and winning balls in the air, the team were in fine form and scored many goals. On 15 October 1989, Besiktas broke the Süper Lig record for the biggest winning margin in a game with a 10–0 victory over Southern Turkey team Adana Demirspor. This match was designated as one of the 16 biggest matches in club history.

Can you beat Milne's haul of 8 trophies in 6 seasons?


    •    Load up Turkey and any other countries you like.

    •    Become manager of Besiktas.

    •    You have six seasons to win as many trophies as possible

    •    Milne won 8 trophies - Süper Lig (3): 1989–90, 1990–91, 1991–92, Turkish Cup (3): 1988–89, 1989–90, 1993–94 and Turkish Super Cup (2): 1989, 1992

    •    Usual other rules apply.


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