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Challenges The Massimiliano Allegri Selling Challenge


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The Massimiliano Allegri Selling Challenge


Credit to @danovic78 for this one.

Did you know that Max Allegri in his time as manager has sold over £500m worth of talent including a who's who of the modern game...Pogba, Thiago Silva, Bonucci, Vidal, Morata, Ibrahimovic, Coman, Tevez and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for just £1.62m!

In this time though he has racked up 10 titles though, which is pretty good considering the amount of talent he has sold. To ensure that you are not tempted to start as one of the big boys and rack up money quickly, like Allegri you will have to work your way up to the tops jobs by starting in the lower leagues.

Can you repeat his success while selling off the crown jewels?


    •    Load up any countries you like and take over any club but they cannot be in the top league of that country.

  • There are two goals in order to complete this challenge:
  • You must bring in over £500m worth of transfer fees
  • You must win at least 10 trophies (Cup and League Titles)
  • No unlockables.
  • No cheating.
  • Screenshots required as evedience
  • Usual other rules
  • You final score will be number of games played before completing both parts of the challenge.


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