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Challenges The Race To Be Perfect


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The Race To Be Perfect

Another classic from @Ashez to sink your teeth into.

Do you see yourself as the perfect manager? Do you manage to perform and keep your board of directors happy? Well it's now time for you to put yourself to the test with this fun challenge I have created.

The Challenge

You have to guide your team from the bottom of the English game to Champions of Europe as quick as possible. Although that isn't all as you must have 20/20 in all 5 of your manager attributes!
The winner will be the person who has reached these requirements the quickest at the end of 2019.

The Rules

  • You must start in the lowest English league available to you. 
  • Your aim is then to climb the leagues and win the Champions League ASAP.
  • While doing the above you must keep an eye on your manager attributes as they all need to be 20/20.
  • You must have 20/20 in all manager attributes and win the Champions League on the same day to gain completion, having either requirements at different times doesn't equal competition, even if it's in the same season.
  • You may not move clubs.
  • Own formations/tactics only.
  • No cheating or reloading to replay lost games.
  • No editing of the game in anyway.
  • Screenshots are needed as evidence, a career thread for us to follow is advised.

Why Is This Challenging?

This is an extremely challenging save in my opinion since you have a number of things to keep your eye on, for example you can't be in the red financially knowing your success will keep you in the job because it'll hamper your attributes and you can't sign amazing foreign regenerated players because it'll hamper your attributes. This challenge will force you to play the game in a fashion i believe most people aren't a custom to, I know for a fact I rarely show any interest in them anyway.

So are you up to the challenge of becoming the perfect manager?


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