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Challenges Ryder Cup Challenge


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Ryder Cup Challenge

Credit to @danovic78 for creating this challenge.

The Ryder Cup has become one of the world’s greatest sporting events. Every two years, 24 of the best players from Europe and the United States go head-to-head in match play competition. Drama, tension, incredible golf, camaraderie and sportsmanship are served in equal measure, captivating an audience of millions around the world. It’s an event that transcends sport, yet remains true to the spirit of its founder, Samuel Ryder.

Now take on the Ryder Cup Challenge in FMM and see if you can post a high points total…..

Challenge Rules

  • Load any Four countries from Ryder Cup venues past and future - England, Spain, Wales, Scotland, France, Italy, Republic of Ireland and take over any club.
  • Keep it in Europe! You must sell/demote all Non-European players in your squad. Your first team can only contain European Players.
  • Foursomes: You can only have a maximum of Four players from one country in your squad.
  • Fourballs/Singles: Have a designated scoring duo or single striker score as many goals in four seasons to add to your score.
  • You can only stay at one club for a maximum of four seasons, just like the Ryder Cup (I know it’s every two years but seems too short a time at one club) you move on to another country. You must resign/get another job at the end of Season Four, ready to start at your new club for Season Five.
  • The maximum challenge length is 16 seasons at four different clubs but you can finish after 4, 8 or 12 seasons and post a score.

Points Per Season

1st – 25 points
2nd – 20 points
Top 4 – 15 points
5 - 6th - 10 points
Outside Top 6 – 0 points

Sacked: -25 points (and the challenge is over)

Domestic Cup/Super Cup(s):
Winner - 20 points
Runner Up - 10 points

Champions League:
Winners – 50 points
Runners Up - 25 points

Europa League:
Winners – 40 points
Runners Up – 20 points

European Super Cup:
Winners – 20 points
Runners Up - 10 points

FIFA World Club Cup:
Winners – 20 points
Runners Up - 20 points

Win Manager of the Year – 5 points
Player of the Year - 5 points
League Top Goal scorer - 5 points
Designated Striker or Strikers goals = Points over 4 seasons.


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