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Challenges Sell Them Slowly

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Sell Them Slowly

Credit to @MerlionMaple96 for creating this challenge.


Firstly let me warn the reader that this challenge is a little bit difficult to explain so hold on to your hats as I attempt to go through this as simply as possible.


 The main objective of this challenge will be to win six consecutive league titles with one team.

The Concept, The Catch and How This Will Go Down

1) Pick one of the big teams in any league. Only the highest division from each country is allowed though.

2) Pick your starting XI for that team. This will not "change" over the course of the career.

As aforementioned, the challenge will last 6 seasons or 12 transfer windows. In each transfer window, apart from the first, you must sell one of the players in your starting XI. The catch is that in each window you can only make one new signing. Not only that, but the signing must be to directly replace the player you just sold. In other words you will be buying a player to replace the mainstay of the starting XI you just got rid of.

But wait, there's more! The player you sign can only be worth up to 10% of the transfer fee you received for the player you sold. The career progresses as such until you fail to win the league or if you have successfully won it 6 times. The novelty of the challenge lies in how you choose to buy players as well as searching for hidden gems who will be able to fit into your system for a bargain price. Will you choose to invest in youth early on in hopes that they will become world beaters later yet at the same time risk being knocked out early with an underdeveloped team? Or will you try another strategy?

To make it more interesting, one could allow the members of Vibe to decided which player of the Starting XI is sold in which transfer window through a career poll.

For Example

Let's say I pick Liverpool. Next, I have to choose my mainstay starting XI. Let's say I opt for this:

Allison, Clyne, Van Dijk, Lovren, Robertson, Henderson, Keita, Wijnaldum, Mane, Firmino, Salah.

Transfer Window 1: No incoming transfers whatsoever.

Transfer Window 2: I set up a poll in my career thread and everyone wants me to get rid of Firmino. I am able to sell Firmino to Real Madrid for 50 Million. Now I have a maximum of 5 Million to go out and buy a replacement. Let's say I'm able to pick up Ashley Barnes for that amount.

Transfer Window 3: I set up another poll but this time there are only 10 players on it as Firmino has already been sold. Let's say Vibe wants me to offload Lovren. But disaster strikes. Nobody will take him off my hands for any price, so I have to release/demote him  In this case I have no choice but to follow the rules and sign a player for a maximum of 10% of 0 or in other words, a free transfer. Now do you guys get a feel for why this is so tough? I manage to pick up some random player on a free transfer. 

Transfer Window 4: Assume I won the league in the first season and my team at this point looks like:

 Allison, Clyne, Van Dijk, Random Player, Henderson, Keita, Wijnaldum, Mane, Barnes, Salah.

Remember that these players must be the mainstays of your team. Anyways, let's say Vibe wants to axe Salah. I manage to get rid of him for 70 Million. Now I need to find a suitable replacement for a ridiculous 7 Million!

 Anyways, that's the gist of the challenge and one simply rinses and repeats until they either fail to win the title or have won it 6 times.


1) No Unlockables/Cheats

2) No use of Changes.txt

3) Screenshots needed as evidence. Preferably a career posted

4) One must use the mainstay of the team unless they are injured, recovering from an injury or have are below 80%

5) One can only make 1 transfer in each window. That transfer is reserved for the replacement player you are buying

 6) No Regens can be bought

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