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Chat Is it possible to let trusted members here test the game?


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I've seen certain people who have posted articles and insights etc for years, they'd know what to look out for regarding bugs, and could maybe be of use to the developers over a really busy time 

FMM 18 was enjoyable, but the initial problem with high scoring games was a big distraction for a few months 

I remember that after my first 6 games of a career my team had scored 43 and conceded 28. I was told on Twitter that the results were "slightly odd, but these things happen in real life on a fairly regular basis", that is a problem that Dec etc would have picked up on quickly if tested before the release 

I'm pretty easily pleased, and some other bugs that people mention don't bother me too much but I just believe that a group of people here (not me), could really help SI out 


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