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Career 4in1 challenge by fRESH (Season 6)

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As my first career here at vibe failed, because Abel left PSG and couldnt get him back , I will try new one to show you.

My choosen club is still PSG. I'm allready onto 3 seasons with it. I forgotted to screenshot players at the beggining, but i think it doesnt matter if my make starting screens at season 3

Challenges himself:

1. 1000 goal challenge

Choosen player this time:


I will go for 1500 for sure, but lets see where we end up.

2. Calender year scoring challenge.

Choosen player ofcourse:


I hope to break 110 goals in year.

3. Assist challenge

This time im heading to this challenge with 3 players and i fancy to get these 3 1500 assists combined at the end of career.


Asensio is best midfielder at game for me. Lemar has allways been assisting. Kai is young lad with huge potential.

4. Triple threat assist challenge

Choosen players:



So thats all for intro. As i said i have allready completed 3 seasons. I will update my thread with them today.

Edited by fRESH

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Season 1

My first season didnt go according to plan, but here are results:


Easy win at my first encounter. Mbappe nets goal in his offical debut.


Arthur red card messes up my cameplan and liverpool came back from 3-1. Unlucky.1435980479_Screenshot_20181008-204903_FMM2018.thumb.jpg.c2dd53431f568ed6327c11d1a09be77c.jpg

Easy win at this cup. Mbappe has superb game as he nets 4.


Mbappe and Havertz both hit brace as PSG ease to win.


Can be happy with it as my team is at very young age and isnt fully builded up yet.

Next we go to challenges:

1000 goal challenge


62, what a return on debut season. Im very happy with that.

Challenge total: 62/1000

2. Calender year scoring challenge:


Mbappe nets 24 goals in 2017 which isnt too bad considiring that i was looking for tactic adjustment.

3. Assist challenge


Asensio had beast debut season.

Challenge total:

Asensio: 25

Havertz: 20

Lemar: 16


4. Triple threat assist


Challenge total:

Henrichs: 7/51

Asensio: 25/162

Mbappe: 12/102

Im happy with debut season and there is much more to come.

Greetz fRESH

Edited by fRESH

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Season 2

Season 2 went much better than first one. Had allmost clean sweep  at trophies. My tactic puzzle pieces fall into right places and i got my team ready. 

Here are results:


We were lucky to beat Bordeaux on penalties.


Lost on semifinal, my team just did seem to have off day.


Easy win at French cup and Mbappe getting brace.


Oh yeah!

Psg got first ever CL trophy, luckily on penalties, but atleast i got my hands on trophy.

League went well and we had allmost clean sweep.


Now onto challenges.

1. 1000 goal challenge


I was hoping for a 70+ season, but its okey considiring his age

Challenge total: 131/1000

2. Calender year scoring


He got 38 in the first half of year and then adds another 33 in second half which makes it total 71 goals. Missed target by long, but im not worried as Mbappe is still young.

3. Assist challenge


Dissapointed with Havertz and Lemar really, expected them both to hit 25+. Asensio once again went beast.

Challenge total:

Asensio: 25+33 = 58

Havertz  20+14= 34

Lemar 16+19= 35

Total: 127/1500

4. Triple threat assist challenge


Challenge total:

Henrichs: 19/51

Asensio: 58/162

Mbappe: 22/102


Fantastic season, hope there is much more to come.

Greetz fRESH


Edited by fRESH

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Season 3

Season 3 went amasingly well, all guys had their best best season so far and also we won all titles avilable. So we go onto results.


Season started with close win over Monaco. 


What a close and open game with PSG getting 3-2 win.


Next title game was cwc. Easy and confident with Mbappe netting brace.


Another confident win, with Mbappe brace and Asensio also netting late goal.


At French cup Monaco put lot of effort on this game but we did still squuese out with win and Asensio netting brace.


Second year in row we are up against Real. This time we can close out game on normal time with Goreztka screamer took us win. Glad to get my hands on CL trophy second year row.


Lost many games on league this time and getting only 89 points. Hope to get better on this next year.

Now onto challenges to see how our boys did.

1. 1000 goal challenge


Mbappe hitting 84 this season. Should be great season but im dissapointed. Mbappe missed 9 games throw injury and also didnt score in his last 4 games. This had to be over 100 goals season.

Challenge total: 215/1000

2. Calender year scoring challenge


First half of year Mbappe netted 36 goals. Adding second half 47 makes it total 83 which isnt too far away from 91, but still failed this challenge this year.

3. Assist challenge


All boys hitting their best season so far. Im pleased with Lemar upgrade.

Challenge total

Asensio: 58+35 = 93

Havertz 34+21 = 55

Lemar 35+25 = 60

Total 208/1500

4. Triple threat assist challenge


Challenge total

Henrichs: 33/51

Asensio 93/162

Mbappe 32/102


Im very pleased with this season. Hope to get Mbappe to hit over 100 goals next season as i know he is capable to do that.



Screenshot_20181010-110641_FMM 2018.jpg

Edited by fRESH

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Wow that was quick! I’d only just read and commented on season 2 😯

Asensio is looking great again 😎


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Yea, i had 3 season in bag.  Asensio really is best midfielder for me on game. His stats are also amasing, so many green lights :) Im waiting to see how far can he go.

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He have mad this AP position to his kingdown. He mainly scores when its most needed. I call him big game player. I consider him one of the fmm18 greats. Cant ask for much more. Cant wait to get him peak. Im sure he will get over 50 goals and assist soon :)

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I will post tactict at the end of my career. For training regime you can thanks mr Nucleus. I made couple tweaks to this, but his training regime is insane :)

Edited by fRESH

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Season 4

Season started up badly and mbappe spent 1,5 months sidelined in the first half of season. Luckily other guys stepped up at this time.


At season opener we did beat Monaco 3-2 as Asensio hits a brace and Mbappe gets himself also on scoresheet.



At Super Cup we did beat 3-0 Inter. It was easy game. Mbappe with brace and Lemar hittin 1.


Another easy final as we beat Cruz 4-1. Havertz the hero with brace.


Now this was intense game. Mbappe hit late equaliser, but we still lost on epic penalty shootout.


Easy win french cup with another Mbappe brace on final.


We get our third CL trophy in row. Close game as Suso hits and own goal winner for us.


Our league form did had ups and downs. We did miss Mbappe a lot. Still solid with 96 points on board.

So onto challenges

1. 1000 goal challenge


Mbappe had injuries and couldnt get back to his best form after that. 65 goals reaaly is dissapointment.

Challenge total: 280

2. Calender year scoring


Mbappe hits 37 at the first half and follows it 19 on second half. Dissapointing year and result, no more words needed.

3. Assist challene


Asensio once again beast year, what a player. Havertz is improving and getting better and better. Lemar had injury problems this season.

Challenge total:

Asensio: 130

Havertz: 76

Lemar: 76

Total: 282/1500

Not getting that promised 1500 with that tempo, but there is still lot years to go.

4. Assist triple trouble


Asensio should hit target on next year. Mbappe also getting better with years pasting and im sure he will smash target. Henrichs with his worst year up no but should still smash target with no problems.

Challenge total:

Asensio: 130/162

Mbappe: 48/102

Henrichs: 39/51

Overall we had decent season, only Mbappe and Henrichs werent delivering. Hoping for much better next season.


Screenshot_20181010-180124_FMM 2018.jpg

Edited by fRESH

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Asensio is really carrying the others on the assist challenges! When the others step up, you’ll be flying. Good luck!

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Season 5

Did mbappe recover from last year dissapointment ? Did Lemar, Henrichs and Havertz better that last year ? Lets find out.


The first game of season- first hattrick by goal manchine Mbappe himself. Great start. Asensio delivering as allways witg 1 goal and 2 assist.1242243187_Screenshot_20181011-233415_FMM2018.thumb.jpg.64524ce188b72aa9a97b28d392d9b8b3.jpg

Dramatic winner on 93th minute, ofcourse by my man Asensio. Good game.


One of the greatest finals ive had. Mbappe with 5 and defender Grimnaldo with a brace.


This was the most intense final this season. Mbappe grabbing brace and also hits extra time winner on penalty follow up.


Calm as you like. Asensio and Mbappe with brace and another easy title for PSG.


Taking early lead what was canceled by martial but two great second half goals glinch our fourt tile in row.


Didnt loss any matches in league also did score over 100 goals. Solid season.

Now onto challenges

1. 1000goal challenge


Good return with 80 goals once again. Could have been more but again some injuries come on my way. Solid.

Challenge total


2. Calender year challenge


After 46 goals in first half Mbappe follows it by 43 in second half. It makes 89 together. Its my best till date, but still dissapointed after not reaching target for another year.

3. Assist challenge


Asensio breaks 40 mark and Havertz also hits his best score. Lemar again with injury problems.

Challenge total

Asensio: 173

Havertz: 104

Lemar: 93

Total: 360/1500

4. Triple assist challenge


Challenge total:

Henrichs: 51/51

Asensio 173/162

Mbappe 57/102

Great to see Henrichs and Asensio reaching targets with 5 years.  Mbappe also will be there soon.

Overall we had great season. Didnt lose any league games and we won every trophy avilable. Hoping Mbappe to break 90 mark atleast next year as he really needs to step up to reach promises 1500.

Greetz fRESH

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Season 6

So here is little update how did my season 6 went.1501409509_Screenshot_20181014-193721_FMM2018.thumb.jpg.728ec672562ca6312e5cab4fe31de54e.jpg

Our first game was against Monaco. We did easly beat them 4-2, with that red card their side helping us out. Mbappe grabs hattrick. Boom start.


Our second game didnt go so good. We narrowly lost 3-2 to Benfica. Mbappe still grabbed brace. Also unlucky with those two unallowed goals.


Cwc was routine win as allways. Mbappe getting brace and Asensio also on scoreboard.


What a thriller, one of greatest ive had on this career. We lose to 10 men nice and play down 4-2 lead. I call this fmm. 


What a game ! We beat Lyon in 10 goal game and Mbappe nets amasing 4 goals !


Again Real Madrid. I have knocked them out 5 years in row. 3 in finals, two in quaters. And once close match and once again Goreztka hittingg 30 yard screamer to take home title. 


League ead easy, no losses again and my best season at this save with 107 goals scored.

Now onto challenges

1. 1000 goal challenge


Mbappe adds 82 goals his name, could been more but again limited by injuries. Really hoping for injury free next season and hope to get atleaat 90 goals.

Challenge total: 442/1000

2. Calender year scoring

Mbappe netted 37 goals in firat half of season.655840199_Screenshot_20181015-182818_FMM2018.thumb.jpg.fd2cc917333448c235637e20b22d5b65.jpg

At second half he gets 39 goals, which makes it total 77 goals in year. Another fail in this challenge.

3. Assist challenge


Asensio once again with huge season. What a beast. Small drop in Havertz and small raise in Lemar. Diasapointed with both of them. 

Challenge total

Asensio: 222

Havertz: 125

Lemar: 112

Total: 459/1500

4. Triple threat assist


Challenge total

Mbappe: 67/102

Asensio: 222/162

Henrichs: 66/51

This challenge will be completed soon as Mbappe hits 102 target, only matter of time.

Overall another good season with some crazy scores and quietly reaching to all our targets.



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