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Off Topic The England National Team

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Following England's emphatic 3-2 win against Spain in Seville on Monday night and the fantastic World Cup campaign, is it time to be genuinely excited by the nation's future, or is it all just over excitement?


In my opinion we do have reason to be excited, there's a lot of young players coming through and the football we are playing is certainly some of the best I've seen England play in my lifetime (especially that first half). There's some real depth in each position and Gareth Southgate has really helped get the fans back onside following the failure of the 'Golden Generation'. Monday's result and performance shown all the strengths of this current England side: the ability to play passing, controlled football in possession, the ability to dig in when it isn't going our way, the pace and quality in attack and no fear when coming up against a world-class side.


I personally can't really see any negatives. There definitely seems to be a different feel towards this international break compared to ones of years gone by from England fans in the sense that people are genuinely looking forward to watching our country play. Over the years English people have seen the international break as pointless and a hindrance, whereas this time round it seems to be something that a lot more people are actually behind and have been looking forward to.


Am I just too positive, or is there genuine reason to be optimistic and excited about the England side?

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I think England have a good chance at the nations league and they should have a chance at the euros but I think we are q creative Gazza kind of player away from being a great team

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