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Career FC Carl Zeiss Jena - Promotion to 2.Liga?


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Good Evening All,

Choosing the Team

As one of my last saves on FMM18, I needed a team interesting and exciting to grab me, this team was FC Carl Zeiss Jena. The clubs history is one of having immense early success when they started but in recent times have languished in 3rd Liga giving their supporters nothing to celebrate. Could I be the person to change their fortunes?

Stadium & Facilities

As seen below in the image, The club is not terrible and starts of with Good Facilities and a decent stadium to boot. I did attempt to improve the Facilities but the board declined, from my experience, this decision made sense as the club has above average facilities for this league. The same with the Stadium but we are meeting the demand from fans to watch us.


Holiday & Assistant Manager

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:


Staff, Finances & Training

Below shows the staff, Finances & Training for the new season. Two points of note, Firstly: the quality of the staff members were above the quality i expected from a club this size. Secondly, you will see below, I basically sold or released the squad and bought in a new squad YET we still kept the finances green , one of my best achievements as their manager.



Below shows the Tiki Taka tactic I use for ALL my saves. Due to the players bought in having perfect attributes for my Philosophy, the squad adapted perfectly to this system


The squad

This was the area of managing this club which I put my mark on the most. Out of the original squad, only 1 player met my very high standards to work in my system. The rest of the squad was sold or released with the massive amount of players brought in below. These players met my High Standards and luckily, most were free!


The result

Whole new squad bought in, did this risk work? Yes it did! 😊😉The squad really hit the ground running and adapted to my Philosophy perfectly. We had a nervy run-in with Kaiserslautern playing excellently but we managed to secure being champions with the last match!!!!


Manager Stats



League Stats


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Year 2 Results

Below shows the results from the second year in 2.Bundesliga. The squad was already good enough for the second year but held some older players. These were released in exchange of younger, more talented players. We had 3m to spend this season and kept to this with change to spare.The season has been unbelievable and the squad got 1st place after the 5th match and kept us there until the last. It is shocking to think this club which is so used to the 3rd division is now going to come up against Bayern Munich!! So proud of the players!! Well deserved!! 

Tiki Taka Philosophy & system also still working perfectly. Will definitely keep this for FMM19!😊😉


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Germany - next chapter - Eintracht Frankfurt

Shortly after the above, Eintracht Frankfurt offered me the position of Manager. The club had finished 5th, with great potential so I accepted their offer. When I 1st arrived, a number of players were unhappy and wanted away. I used their increased funds to strengthern the already talented squad. In 2020, I finished 2nd on joint points with the European Giants Bayern Munchen. I had used the Intensive training and Tiki Taka tactic as per usual. In 2021, the remarkable happened. In a snapshot:

  • Won the Bundesliga
  • Won the German Cup
  • Lost in the Semi Finals of the Champions League to Napoli ONLY on away goals
  • I had beaten Real Madrid & Bayern Munich to get to the Semi Finals


As one, if not my last save on FMM18, this save has made me happy. Frankfurt actually have a great set up and arguably to me should be higher in real life. Their Stadiums large and Facilities are great. Can they replicate this outside of FMM18? I always think yes! Take the Klopp effect on Liverpool. Through excellent transfers to strengthen them along with a clear philosophy, They can easily move up the ranks.

Currently they are 7th in the Bundesliga, 7pts from top spot or 2 wins and a draw. This is do-able.

Finally, This is a great club and I have really enjoyed Managing them! 😊👨‍💼

Screenshot_20181024-223927_FMM 2018.jpg487215114_Screenshot_20181024-231042_FMM2018.thumb.jpg.b33026b3d36489e40ae32bb325ff5bc9.jpg

Screenshot_20181024-231454_FMM 2018.jpg


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