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The FMM18 Awards


Welcome to the FMM18 Awards show!

Over the past week the public have been voting in their thousands!...I’m sorry hundreds!...Ok around twenty give or take.

All week you’ve been voting on your favourite players in each category from this years edition of the game. All the votes have been counted and verified by myself and the Gloucestershire Gladiator @Foxy, so without further ado let’s dive into the results!

FMM18 Best Goalkeeper Award

For this category you’ve all been voting for your favourite and most dependable man between the sticks. I can now reveal the winner of this award with 25% of the vote, is David De Gea! The Spaniard was the people’s favourite after producing save after save in your saves this year. Other votes in this category fell to the likes of Donnarumma, Alisson Becker and even Simon Mignolet received a vote!

Winner: David De Gea

FMM18 Best Defender Award

This award goes to the player who was your rock at the back, the resolute tank that kept all attackers at bay at all costs. The winner of the FMM18 Best Defender Awards is....Dayot Upamecano! That’s right, with 18.75% of the votes, the Frenchman takes the crown. An ever present figure in a majority of careers this year, this young man could serve you for the better part of 15 years. Other votes in this category included Jonathan Tah, Benjamin Henrichs, Virgil Van Dijk and even the Welsh Wizard Gethin Jones!

Winner: Dayot Upamecano

FMM18 Best Midfielder Award

This award is presented to the player you all entrusted with running the machine, oiling the cogs, or simply winning a football match. It is with great pleasure that I give this award to Arthur! With 20% of the votes the Brazilian maestro beat the likes of Leon Goretzka and Kai Havertz to clinch this years best midfielder award. A fan favourite since the release of FMM18 due to his relatively cheap transfer fee, where you could sign him up for as little as £8million. The Brazilian has since moved to Barcelona and will more than likely be priced out of most careers next year. Thank you Arthur!

Winner: Arthur

FMM18 Best Striker Award

This award is for the player you put in charge of leading the line, the players that would win you a match with a blink of an eye, or a kick of a ball, whichever you prefer. Moving on, I’m pleased to announce the winner of the FMM18 Best Striker Award is....Fiete Arp!! The German midget wins it with 18.75% of the vote, and it’s a well deserved win too, especially after his 1k exploits with @Foxy in his career of the year winner The Teutonic Treble.

Winner: Fiete Arp

FMM18 Best Overall Player

The cream of the crop, the best of the best, the pick of the litter, the creme de la creme, you get the picture. This award is for the Overall Best Player of FMM18. I can now reveal that after a very close run affair, the winner of the award with 21% of the votes is non other than Kylian Mbappé! Leon Goretzka and Arthur tie for second placed with 14% of the votes and there was only a single vote between them and first place. A well deserved winner in my opinion as he’s been the centrepiece of many challenges this year. Hero in a half shell Mbappé power!

Winner: Kylian Mbappé 

FMM18 Best Wonderkid

The Boy Wonder, The Prodigy. Call them what you like, they have been a part of every single career out there. This one was also a closely fought affair as there was no less than three players tied for second place with just one vote separating them from first place. The runners up included Italian Striker Pietro Pellegri, Scottish left back Kieran Tierney and Brazilian midfielder Arthur, but the winner of the FMM18 Best Wonderkid award goes to Kylian Mbappé who wins his second award of the evening. The highest potential player on the board, it is no surprise he bags the award!

Winner: Kylian Mbappé 

FMM18 Best Older Player Award

This award is given to those that are over the age of 33 at the start of a new save. With not much time left to use them it’s no surprise that everyone opts to sign youth. With a massive 35% of the vote, the winner of the FMM18 Best Older Player award is...Zlatan Ibrahimovic! The giant Swede proved a popular vote amongst the community and adds a virtual award to his long list of achievements to date! Thank you Zlatan!

Winner: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

FMM18 Best Team Award

Probably the most bias vote ever! With two votes, the winner of this award is Bayern Munich! Every other vote was for a unique team including Reading, Fulham and West Brom!

Winner: Bayern Mynich

FMM18 Best League Award

This award is given to whichever league you guys enjoyed managing in the most this year. It was a close vote but we have a clear winner with 35% of the vote going to the English Premier League! A fair few of you preferred taking the reigns in the rain apparently as only a few voted for the European Leagues, myself included! What is wrong with you people?!

Winner: English Premier League

FMM18 Best Regen Award

The final award of the evening is the most one sided vote of the evening. The community have decided with 41% of the votes that the best regen in FMM18 is.....the Lionel Messi regen!! A few years into a save is all it takes for Messi 2.0 to appear in the game and we’ve seen a lot of people sign him up and go into do great things with him.

Winner: Lionel Messi

Lets recap the winners of each category:

  • Best Goalkeeper - David De Gea

  • Best Defender - Dayot Upamecano

  • Best Midfielder- Arthur

  • Best Striker - Fiete Arp

  • Best Overall Player - Kylian Mbappé 

  • Best Wonderkid - Kylian Mbappé 

  • Best Older Player - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • Best Team - Bayern Munich

  • Best League - English Premier League

  • Best Regen - Lionel Messi

There we have it, another year gone by as we celebrate all that was good in FMM18. In less than two weeks time we get to start the cycle again! Did your votes go towards a winner? Are you disappointed with the outcome? Have you had an accident at work that wasn’t your fault?

Thank you to everyone who voted, and I shall see you all over on the FMM 19 forums. Until then it’s goodbye FMM18!


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24 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Luan isn't pleased. 

At least my nominations were unique haha, great write up mate.

Who? 😛

Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed

10 minutes ago, Woody said:


It certainly has!

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